I feel there isn't many Moms with my parenting style! Where you all at! Lol - attachment parenting basically.

Tay B 3 likes

πŸ™‹ right here! No CIO in this household :)

Momma R 1 like

I'm with you.

Shana V 2 likes

Here!!! We don't CIO, my baby has anxiety.

Caitlin V 2 likes

We didn't do CIO with either. They are both snuggle bubbies who would have been heart-broken if we tried. :(

Logan's M 4 likes

Same!!!! CIO is a no no for this family. Baby wearing, co sleeping, breast feeding (not that formula is bad) the whole 9 yards :)

Crystal W 3 likes

Right here!

Katy A 1 like

πŸ‘‹ me!

Mommy B 3 likes

Here!!! No CIO! I love baby wearing and co sleeping! My goal is to breastfeed for at least a year, and maybe more! πŸ’• 5 months and still going strong!

C L 4 likes

We don't and won't CIO with our baby or future babies! I figure that babies all sleep through the night eventually, and crying themselves to sleep doesn't need to happen! Too stressful! We baby wear, co-slept up until just recently, BF, organic homemade foods, and basically hold him all through the day! They grow too fast to not enjoy it all! ☺️

Jamie 3 likes

I can't stand when my baby boy crys! I will hold him as much as I can cause one day he is going to be too big to hold!

Franny E 2 likes

Right here! No CiO in this house if anything cry bc your happy 😊😊😊😊

A S 4 likes

Ahhh! good to see all the other AP Mommies!!! πŸ’™πŸ’™ felt alone out here.

A S 4 likes

So much easier to just go with the flow- of what the baby wants! I couldn't be bothered with specifics I want to just enjoy my son! πŸ’™

Heather C 0 likes

Question... What is CIO parenting

Franny E 0 likes

Cry it out method

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