I feel so sad and upset I really thought I was pregnant. Three days late then my period came ! My husband and I have been trying for a year for the second one . I'm Just upset I had all the symptoms Too . Throwing up , no period , boobs hurt etc

MommyJ 2 likes

So sorry to hear that. Sending hugs and prayers your way šŸ’—

Cali^Mom F 2 likes

Sorry to hear it. Hugs.

New M 2 likes

Soory to hear that but don't give up hope it always happens when you least expect It

V R 2 likes

Sorry to hear. Sending you good vibes. šŸŒˆ

Amanda O 2 likes

I know that feeling, sending good thoughts your way!

Brittanie 0 likes

it is very discouraging we tryd for over a year and it happend for us try not to give up hope šŸ’•

Nancy D 0 likes

Keep trying husband and I also tried for a year finally got pregnant it was a chemical preganancy:/ and now I'm pregnat again and it's finally happening don't lose hope and take vitamins as if you where pregnat already that helps a lot! šŸ’•

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