I feel nauseous again 😩. Im not pregnant and my doctor did all kinds of tests couple of weeks ago and everything came back normal. I don't know what's causing it and it's driving me crazy

Ezrah A 0 likes

U need probiotics! ginger will help the symptom also mint tea. Do a parasite cleans with (Dr. Clark paracleans) from Amazon. Also try diatomaceous earth make sure it's FOOD GRADE Amazon has this too... Fallow instruction on the site.

Kits M 1 like

Is it around your ovulation? I sometimes get really nauseous around mine. My doctor said it's just hormones

JVP 1 like

Are u eating normally?

RC 1 like

Kits Momma I have 7 days until ovulation and now that you mentioned last month I was nauseous around the same time. You think that's what it is? It’s something new I'm going through

RC 1 like

J im on a no carb diet but this happened last month too when I wasn’t on a diet

Kits M 1 like

Definately worth investigating! My doctor said your natural hormone fluctuations throughout your cycle can cause different symptoms like nausea throughout your cycle and that everyone's is different

RC 1 like

Kits Momma oh god as if we don’t go through enough with our hormones 🙄 Thanl you I’ll look into it!

Rylie G 0 likes

Worms? I'm serious. Early menopause? No offence, I don't know how old you are, but symptoms can start early at even 30 years old.

Mama J 1 like

I've been nauseous too! The last few months it's off and on. I'm about 7 days out from ovulation so I'm assuming it's that. It sucks!

Christie M 0 likes

Anxiety? My anxiety makes me so nauseous sometimes!

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