I feel like I'm going to cry. I just filled or forms to send my 3 year old to headstart. Please tell me I won't be this emotional with all my children. I wouldn't rush her into school if I wasn't worried about her speech.

Kelly ? 1 like

My son starts school in september. When people ask i tear up lol. I figure my "baby" is growing up. Hes my first born and we are really close. When he started day care at 9 months i didnt find it this hard lol.


She would start the second week of August. They are going to evaluate her first to see if she needs speech classes .

Felisha L 1 like

My son started school when he was about 2 and loves it! They learn social skills and how to behave and follow instructions. 3 is a perfect age trust me she will love it!

Cara J 1 like

Being in school and having interaction with the teachers and other children helped withy lo's speech tremendously. So your doing the right thing. It's hard on you I know but your lo will have a blast:)


Oh I totally forgot she'll have to go to doc for physical and shots and vaccine records of she qualifies 😭😭😭

Kelly ? 1 like

My son is in speech as well. We go weekly and then they will report to the school come september. Then next year they go right into the school.


She can speak 7 word sentences and follow instructions she's just not talking clearly. I can understand her but I'm with her 24/7

C M 1 like

My DD will be 3 next month. She had been doing speech therapy for the last year. It has helped her tremendously! She will be evaluated in a couple weeks to see if she qualifies for continuing therapy. She's my first and I'm actually really excited for her to go to preschool bc I know she's going to love it and soak up everything!

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