I feel horrible. I have a toddler son and I work and go to school at night. I live with my mom and she watches him while I'm at work/school. I hate the idea of daycare or babysitters. I'm not that trusting. I feel like I should be doing more to support my son because my mom helps a lot with money. Should I get over my fear of daycares?

Sarah N 0 likes

It is good for young kids to be around other toddlers their age! It is good for his social skills:) there r pros and cons to daycare but you should at least look at a couple! You may be pleasantly surprised:)

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I gave in at 2. & my son loves it(: he does get sick a lot though, many careless parents who send their kind in all iffy. So I found one with the least amount of kids!

Kari B 0 likes

I work and my 3 yo goes to daycare. She loves it and learns so much. When she turns 4 she will go to the preschool program there.

Ilana M 1 like

Rule to live by : don't burn out your free help . Check out a few daycares, get a feel for it, your LO will have a blast , learn, and catch about 1,000 colds!

Kwamasia C 0 likes

Yesssss you can sit & talk to them & everything

Sheila B 0 likes

You could always try doing part time day care and give your parents a little break. Allows you and your LO to ease into the whole day care idea. It was hard for us at first but now my daughter LOVES day care (she's 16 months, has been in since 6 months). Consider all your options and choose the one you like best. You'll know when they're not the right one for you

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Ask ur mom if she needs a break. My mother in law lives with us and watches out three boys while we work, she loves it and would be hurt if we didn't leave the boys for her. My boys never went to daycares or preschool. They are at the top of their class and easily learned social skills in kindergarten. Up to u.

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