I feel as if my 4 y/o son is feeling left out after having my daughter who's only 11 days old.. any tips? Just having some lol guilt & I know he doesn't Understand Why but .. it's Making me sad

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I know how you feel! My daughter was 3.5 when my 2nd was born and she had a hard time. I made “date” nights with just her and I and I'd Let her pick what we did. It wasn't COVID then, but even if it's take out at the park or making a cake together, they enjoy that time. Also, movie nights w popcorn and candy in the living room was special also and LO could chill too. I know it's tough at first. I am kinda dealing with it again with my 2nd abd 3rd but now I know it all turns out just fine!

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Involve him as much as possible with helping her. Passing the diapers, clothes, etc. Then make some time to do art or play toys when she's Asleep and tell him he's A great brother and son all the time.

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