I don't understand when moms say their milk came in on day 5 or maybe even a week later. I kno babies drink colostrum, but won't not eating start to make baby cranky or maybe even sick. How long will the colostrum last?

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"After about 3 to 4 days of nursing, your breasts will start to feel less soft and more firm as your milk changes from colostrum to milk that looks kind of like skim milk. Your milk will be transitional for the first 10 to 14 days, after which it's considered to be mature milk" That's what a read🍼

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My LO came 1 month earlier.. My milk came one week later and he was formula fed that week! We didn't have any more choices.

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From what I been told and have read once your 'actual' milk comes in, the first part of your milk is kinda like colostrum where your milk is not so strong with all vitamins. That's why you want baby to feed for along period because then the 'good' milk comes out. Either way both milks are good. So to answer your question colostrum is always in your milk I don't think you stop producing it. Is just colostrum for the first few days/week. Then it's colostrum plus your milk. I hope it helps

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See that's wht I'm saying I don't even want formula feeding to be an option. I think that's why my daughter wouldn't latch when she was born, because she was given a bottle and had gotten use to it. I'm jus totally confused.

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Colostrum is sufficient to feed babies until the milk comes in even if it's 5 days later.

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It depends on the child (if can latch on correctly from beginning) and mom (how fast the milk comes - natural birth or c section). My milk doesn't come until day 5, doesn't mean I didn't have milk for 5 days it just means i didn't have enough and my LO cried her eyes out. I had to supplement with formula during the nights (enough for the day) and I was told I was lucky as some babies would say no to breast after experiencing how fast milk comes from a bottle.

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If I could do it again I wouldn't do any supplements. As long as your LO does not lose weight to a warning point, feed as often as you could (painful I know - cracked nipples many times) and your milk will come faster. At least that way it will reduce the chance baby say no to breasts

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COLOSTRUM IS ALL THE BABY NEEDS! Please don't feel like you should supplement. Your baby's stomach is literally the size of a walnut.

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Colostrum lasts until the milk comes in. no worries

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A newborns only needs colostrum at the beginning. It is extremely nourishing and they only need the smallest amount. There is no reason to supplement, just feed them on demand whenever they seem hungry the colostrum is all they need until "milk comes in".. Which is when boobs start to feel heavy.. you can't miss it! So many people worry about lo starving that first week, but their bodies are designed for this. They are going to lose a little weight but that's normal:)

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