I don't know what to do:/ I'm a young mom (19) and my bf (18) doesn't help ever. We live together but it still feels like I'm a single mom. I don't know how to get him to start helping more with my 5 mo. I'm a sahm to so he thinks I should do every thing and thinks it's just so easy. Any suggestions?

Coryn P 4 likes

That's rough. 18 year old males are never mature. But even with my husband, who is 43, I had to leave him at home with the baby by himself for a couple of hours for him to understand fully that it's not as easy as it looks.

Lindsey S 0 likes

No suggestions I've tried everything in the book and my fiancΓ© is 21 & I'm 25 & we're in the same boat lol. Just repetition continue to tell him he needs to help tell him to change diaper. My mom has told me to keep at them about shit & eventually they'll get it or start doing stuff.

Adri B 0 likes

I'm a 15 year old mother of two an the dad loves with me an I feels that way for three years an I threatened to walk away an have nothing to do with him an him not have anything to do with the baby's an he straightens right up

Chandler's Mamma(: ( 1 like

He went through army basic training while I was pregnant so he is a little more mature than most but I've tried staying on him about helping but the most he will do is change a wet diaper. I've also left him with my son all night long by himself but he just went to his moms with him so he doesn't have to do much.

Carlene W 0 likes

I swear I'm reading my status right now! For the exemption of my baby being 3 months! I made him watch our baby for the whole day and that made him realize how much I needed him and how much he needed me!

Melanie A 0 likes

Have a chat with him when he comes home is better a friday tho then you suggest how you can split tasks.

Chandler's Mamma(: ( 1 like

If I do that he just bring my lo to grandmas so she spoils and helps. Maybe I should just take his keys so he thinks he lost them!

Carlene W 1 like

18 years old boys just don't understand what us woman do on a daily basis! πŸ‘Š Tell him it takes two to make a baby and that he needs to start being more mature about being, not only a parent, but to be a Father to his child.

Alison M 1 like

Praise the crap out of any little thing he does...most guys respond to positive better than negative! And know that babies make some guys nervous, like they'll break them or something - my husband has always been helpful with taking out the diaper pail or getting diapers or whatever but it took a few months before he felt really comfortable with the baby. Now they play together like crazy!

Jessica B 1 like

I'm in same boat but I'm 24 and he 23. He helps when I ask sometimes, but last time he changed her diaper he put it on backwards. I just about peed my pants laughing, do give him credit for trying. On other hand I do just about everything and it does get frustrating at times. I'm a Stay at home mom too. I get on his case quite often, that it's not easy doing this all by myself but he thinks since we live with his parents. I have enough help and don't need his. Ugh

Rachel B 0 likes

My SO has recently started spending more time with our LO. I think he was scared & intimidated by her when she was younger. He had no idea of what to do with her. Now, it's getting easier for both of them. Give him some time & talk to him. Let him know that you want your LO to have a good relationship with him and to have that he needs to do more with LO. Good luck!

Andrea H 0 likes

Same boat with my husband. I'm 21, he's 20 and I've felt like a single mom since I gave birth 6 months ago. Some boys just aren't mature enough and won't grow up til they're ready. If at all. I'm a sahm too so I get it. Maybe ask him for a night out just you and the girls. He might realize it then. Or he may trash the house in the process expecting you to clean it up. Who knows. Good luck!

Francine E 0 likes

I agree with Coryn! My husband is grown man didn't know how to put our son to sleep till he is 9 months he struggled but I give credit for him for trying and wanting to learn. I remember he tried to kill himself trying to put the mirror on the back of the passenger seat for me to see baby in the back when really it goes behind the drivers seat lol! I won't forget that day... Just be nice to him and try to convince him that it's his child too and if he wants to bond with the kid he needs to hlp u

Mikaela U 0 likes

I'm 23 my bf is 27 and he isn't mature at all either he doesn't help financially we don't live together he doesn't interact with her or know what to do with her and one time he tried to kidnap her now it's just a big mess what I would say is leave him with ur lo for a few hours write him a list of what to do and just leave

Austin S 1 like

Have you left baby with him for a day? The first time I did it, I came home to bottles and diapers everywhere. I asked why he didn't do anything and he replied that he had the baby. I then told him that that doesn't matter, you can put him down to get stuff done. Things have been great since then

Austin S 0 likes

Oh, I see you tried leVing baby with him. Would his mom understand what you were trying to do if you told her not to let him over?

Francine E 0 likes

It's just crazy how some guys think we are fully responsible of children and not them that's just childish. My husband is 28 and he is not afraid to try something with Noah. Sometimes I burst into laughter seeing him doing stuff incorrectly but to be honest it's called bonding introducing yourself to the child. It's not just to get it done!

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