I don't know what to do anymore. My son is going to be 2 years old in May and he still doesn't sleep through the night. He wakes up 2-4 times a night. It's driving me crazy. I never feel like I've had a good nights sleep and I never hit rem sleep because I'm waiting for him to start crying. I have tried so many different things and nothing seems to work. He screams and stomps and kicks the wall. I try the cry it out option but I hate listening to him cry, I tend to give in once I've had enough.

Tessa F 1 like

My 2 yr girl is the same. She just wakes up every couple hours. Luckily I take her back to bed and she falls asleep easy but I also have a 9 mo and sometime it wakes him up. Sorry I feel you're pain

Kelsey B 1 like

My 15 month old does the same thing! I'm thinking my son has night terrors but I'm unsure & the doctors can't give me any answers. According to them it's a phase that will eventually pass.

Jordan M 2 likes

So it says people are commenting but I can't see anything other then my post.. What happened?

Kileigh C 1 like

I can't see anyone's post either... I just commented to see if you can read it... And I want to know what people are going to say about it...

Jazzy W 1 like

I have two boys! 5 and 2 my oldest didnt start really sleeping through the night until 3! My 2 year still doesnt! He does a routine wake up in the middle of the night!! Why i have no idea!!!

Sonia L 1 like

Have you tried giving him a bath one hour before bedtime? My son is a lot younger, but that worked for me.

Michelle F 1 like

Omg I feel do bad for you. My kids were awful sleepers but we had it kicked by about 10 months. I know this is not the best solution but just let him sleep with you. His body will get used to sleeping through the night and then you can work on getting him in his room. It's not healthy for either of you to be getting such interrupted sleep. Good luck

Wendy B 3 likes

I hope you can see this; it's frustrating and sucks to hear your baby cry but he is going to have to learn one way or another, and it's better to have a couple more rough nights then a couple more sleepless years. When he begins to cry check on him every 5 min to reassure him but DO NOT pick him up. Speak to him and tell him that he is ok and it's bed time. Patience is key (and it's the hardest to have) but it's for his own good, and yours. Speak to a pediatrician as well if anything. Good luck

S P 1 like

Have you tried weebeedreaming.com ? It's for new borns and up, and obviously the older your child the harder to work with changing sleep patterns, but it could be worth it to try! It mentions sleep times and kids not sleeping well because they're overtired. I hope you and your LO get a restful sleep soon!!

Brianne F 1 like

My daughter wakes up in the middle of the night as well and she's also two I think it's perfectly normal lol eventually they'll grow out of it I think?

Michelle F 1 like

I did the go in but don't pick them up thing and it made it soooo much worse. My son was devastated that I was in his room but wouldn't give him affection. And I can't imagine doing that with a 2 year old. I had to do cry it out with my son at. 9 months because my second was almost due. It sucked but only lasted a few nights and it worked but again your son is 2 and it makes it a lot harder. Why do you think he's waking up each time? Have you talked to your pediatrician?

Mary Ann S 1 like

Hummm...I usually have my son play around to get him tired. BUT if I don't want him to nap so he can sleep through the night I try keeping him awake. If it doesn't work I have him nap for 10 mins. Yes, he cries when I wake him but I don't want to ruin his bedtime sleep. It takes time and patience. I had to lay with him for days at 8PM just for him to get used to sleeping early now that he sleeps early he never naps through out the day

Becca M 0 likes

Can't you get the daddy to get up for all the times the baby wakes up in the night so you can have some solid sleep? That's what daddy's are for to help out the mamas :)

Lauren E 1 like

I know it sucks, but sometimes it's normal. We hear these stories on how some infants sleep all night. My son will be 3 in January and still wakes up at night too. I have tried zarbees melatonin tablets. They work well. They are all natural and they are yummy chewable tablets. You're not the only one!

Jesica P 2 likes

What helped me was exactly what the mommy above said sometimes i would give him a hug a kiss reassure hin i was close and for two night let him hold my hand til he fell sleep..be strong this wont lst forever..and maybe try to cut his nap during the day or do one more activitie that will make your LO a little nore tired...good luck!

Jordan M 0 likes

I'm a single mother with no help. He doesn't have a dad, daddy, father, nothing but mom.

Jordan M 0 likes

I can't change his day schedule other then on weekends because I work full time and he has daycare.

Jordan M 0 likes

I feed him 3 hours before bed, bathe him 1 hour before bed, and we play in between there.

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