I could use some support from moms of colicky babies. My daughter is almost 7 months and still colicky. It's so hard/embarrassing to see baby's her age or younger loving life and advancing while my little girl is still super cranky most if the time. My marriage and mental health are really starting to suffer...

Hilary P 1 like

Try mothers bliss gripe water also put her on your knees and pat her back hope the best for you

Beth B 0 likes

If I put her on my knees she'd puke and I've tried gripe water meds no meds special formula specialists etc etcetera etcetera

Michelle L 1 like

My little one experienced bad colic and I tried everything. I finally changed her bottles to doctor brown and everything changed for the better. Good luck

Tamaran B 0 likes

Time for a gastro doctor I went through the same thing my baby was not colic every one tried to tell me she was but she had reflux

Kylee P 0 likes

My baby boy was like this. My mother in law would come to town once a month and she would always watch him while the hubby and I went out or while I went out for some mommy time. Is there anyone that could watch the baby so you can get a little break?

Maryann D 0 likes

Just know that it won't last forever, it may seem that way, but I promise you there is an end comming. Routine is what worked best for my LO (bedtime),I found out it was the formula making his belly upset. If you have to play around some more to figure out what's wrong it's okay. Stay strong this too shall pass. Ask for help, and take baths late at night by yourself. Listen to your favorite music light candles dedicate that time to yourself, reflect on how lucky you are to have your health etc.

Heather 0 likes

Have you tried taking him to the chiropractor?? My sisters boy was sooo colicky that he would rarely sleep. As soon as she started to take him to the chiropractor the colic started to disappear

Michelle L 0 likes

Your baby might not be colicky it usually goes away after 3 months. There could be another reason.

Kristin C 0 likes

I agree with heather ^. My son was colicky for about 8 weeks we went to chiropractor and he only needed to be adjusted 4 times over 2 weeks and he was a whole new baby. Hang on there momma colic is tough!!

Christina P 0 likes

What does your doc say? Mine cried all the time the first few months and we had to go through several different formulas to get him straight. I know you have got to be pulling your hair out. There's nothing that makes my stomach turn worse than my babe crying. I feel for you girl. I hope too that you and your old man are able to get out together alone, just one night can make a huge difference

Beth B 0 likes

Gastro dr has been more than useless. Not only was she rude to us but did nothing. She's gaining weight so they don't care.

Melissa C 0 likes

Take her off wheat products, dairy products, egg and soy. and add probiotics to her diet. Liquid ones are best. If you eliminate all these thighs they are the main foods that are problematic. Allergens and irritants. Then if she gets better slowly add one food type back at a time and see if she gets bad again. You then know what the food is to avoid. I suggest seeing a natural path doctor.

Kim G 0 likes

My first was like this..we started using those drop in liner bottles and pushing all air out..this really seemed to help her. Also, get help and have someone watch your baby while you and your husband go on a date!! I wish I would have done that with mine but I felt too bad..she is now 4 and I have 3month old and I know now she would've been fine and I needed the break! Good luck!!

Kim G 0 likes

Also, I have never tried it but I have heard wonderful things about Colief. You can find it at babies r us

Joanna T 0 likes

We wore our son a lot due to "colic". We used the moby when he was little and it made a huge difference. We could get stuff done and he was happy because he was being held as much as he wanted. Also the upright position helped with his reflux.

Alison M 0 likes

I agree with the chiropractor! My son didn't have colic but had some breastfeeding issues because of his neck and it was solved after two visits! We still take him once a month...learning to walk is hard on the body ;)

Paige B 0 likes

1st: it's probably not colic because that ends around 3 months. It is probably his/tummy. A pediatrician can tell you more. 2nd: get a babysitter and go wine and done with your husband!!!!

Paige B 0 likes


Paige B 0 likes

*wine and dine. Sheesh my typos tonight

Beth B 0 likes

I think we're gonna try the chiro nothing else has helped. Her pedi plus specialists haven't helped a bit. She won't be worn anymore (we used the ergo carrier for months) she now screams louder if you put her in it.

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