I can't get my milk supply up to breastfeed anymore. I've tried everything, and I think it's because I'm too stressed and depressed. I feel like a terrible mother because I want to switch to formula. I just want someone to be able to watch him besides me. I always feel like I'm stuck in the house on call because I'm breastfeeding, and I can never get any sleep. He's not even a month old, and I feel like I've failed. Everyone told me I could not breastfeed, and now here I am.

C L 8 likes

Have you ever considered pumping so that others can watch and feed LO while you take some time for yourself? Maybe if you try to pump routinely it will help your supply build back up. However, you do what feels right for you. Don't listen to others who try to bring you down if you do decide to switch to formula. It should be a bonding time, not a stressful one. It does not make you a bad mother, and you certainly didn't fail. Do what you need to do mama. Keep your chin up! 😊

Kendra S 1 like

You didn't fail. Sometimes things just don't workout. I planned to breastfeed but I couldn't make enough and my son was getting dehydrated. I felt bad that I would have to use formula but like they say every bit of breastmilk helps and you shouldn't feel bad about using formula. You tried and it really isn't for everyone and there is nothing wrong with that. You're a great mom! And the fact that you worry about it shows you truly are. Good luck and don't listen to the negative! ❀️

Lyla H 0 likes

If you have to give up, do it. Don't feel badly about it. Have you tried fenugreek and lactation cookie? Those help. Also, pump some to get a break. Good luck!

Erin G 0 likes

I've been pumping after every feeding, and I can't even get 3 drops out. My body just can't breastfeed. I'm not eating right and I'm under too much stress. I think it's healthier in the long run for me to formula feed if that means more sleep and less stress for me. Happy momma equals happy baby.

Samantha H 0 likes

Don't feel like a bad mother or a bad person. You need to do what's best for you and baby, it can get way too overwhelming to do everything yourself(I'm like that). What I suggest- like the above comment- is pump so you can leave for a couple hours. I bf for about 1 month before I started pumping and feeding(and still BFing) so I could get some time off from feeding all the time. Pumping and feeding worked very well even while I was working. If you really can't ....1/2

Nattie 1 like

I second that (what cady said) You do what you have to do. I'd say most important is your sanity! You can't take care of others if you can't take care of yourself. So take the steps u need to so that you feel betterπŸ’œ. And don't feel bad! Breastfeeding is difficult for ALOT of moms.

Roro L 2 likes

Don't feel bad be strong u can still breastfeed even if u will give your Lo formula try fenugreek it is very helpful u should also make sure your Lo latch correctly n drink mother tea and a bunch of water everyday u should know stress and depression will affect your supply ask for help from your family n friends good luck 😊

Jilly M 0 likes

I just read about the fenugreek seeds and how within 24-72 hours after taking them they will boost your milk supply

Samantha H 2 likes

2/2 get your supply back up than don't stress just switch to formula. You need to be sane for your LO. Don't listen to anyone, at 7 months I switched to formula because I was so sick of pumping and breastfeeding and smelling of milk all the time. Some people may look down on me but I don't care because I did what I needed to do to make sure I was happy enough to take care of LO. Your baby will be healthy either way :)

Christina K 3 likes

Are you drinking enough water? You should be taking care of yourself sweetie! If you need to supplement with formula until you get your supply up then go for it.

Mommy Of 2 1 like

I'm a first time breastfeeding mom! When my baby was that age I thought the same thing!! I didn't want to breastfeed my lo I know how you feel. Every time I pumped I would only get the max 3 oz till this day!! BUT when my baby is on the boob they get wayyyyyyyy more!! It gets a lot easier! My lo is now 9 months and still breastfeeding.. But you do what's best for you and your lo good luck!

Beth B 0 likes

Don't give up. It's definitely challenging but in time will seem easier take advantage of pumping. Try doing it when LO is napping.. Not directly after a feeding. If anything I would try it before a feeding because LO will still get Milk out of you.

Terra S 0 likes

I felt the exact same way 1 week into it, battled mastitis, bloody sore nipples, thrush twice, and now I'm 5 months in. It's tough, people make it sound easy and for some it is, but for a lot of mamas it's an uphill battle. Don't beat yourself up but just know the first couple of months is the hardest and please believe me when I say ITS GETS EASIER!!! You're doing your best and giving your best to your baby, don't give up now. You can do it!

L C 0 likes

I completely understand!! When my LO was born I did not "make enough" I only pumped one ounce out of each after 20 min of pumping if that. I can tell you my LO Is 9 months and EBF other than food of course but going strong. Keep trying and if baby is happy than your milk is just fine.

Mommy Of T 0 likes

Don't be so hard on your self!!! As long as the baby isn't hungry and mommy is happy, that is all that matters!! If you want to breastfeed there is help. It is hard but if you want some support to help you thru the difficult stages of breastfeeding it is out there.

Lindsay E 0 likes

My little guy was eating every 1 1/2 hrs through the day unless he was sleeping in someone's arms. (At 3 weeks old) I got so overwhelmed.I Made the decision to switch at 5weeks old. I felt horrible but It has now been 3 weeks and we are both doing amazing. U still bond during feeding and we both are relaxed and happy. I still feel awful but when I see him smile I know I'm doing something right.Keep up the great work! No matter ur decision is ur little one will love you :)

BoyMom 1 like

If it's stressing you out that much momma it's not worth it. Go ahead and switch to formula. Happy mommy = happy baby no matter what milk she's drinking. This doesn't make you a failure as there's SO much more that goes into being mom than whether or not you breastfeed. Try to adjust her slowly to prevent any tummy upset

Shivon B 1 like

Breastfeeding for any amount of time is beneficial for you baby. If you have the ability, check if there is a lactation consultant around. They can give you good advice that even your doctor might not be able to! Remember - the most important thing is that you and your baby are healthy and happy. Don't put too much stress on yourself!

Shannon B 0 likes

I had trouble from the beginning with breast feeding so I had to pump all of my milk. Even with pumping we still had to supplement formula. I used fenugreek and it helped. My doctor also said that the more water you drink the more milk you make. I stopped pumping after 3 months because my supply couldn't keep up with her needs. I was proud of myself that I made it 3 months because it took a lot out of me mentally and physically. Hang in there and do what you think is best for your sanity.

Adelle S 0 likes

You are a fabulous and wonderful mother. And that will not change if you formula feed or breastfeed. You have to do what is best for you and your baby. Be proud of yourself that you were able to breastfed as long as you could. Your health is just as important, and baby will be better for it because you will be less stressed. Enjoy your munchkin as they grow way too fastπŸ˜ƒ

Bailee W 0 likes

My doctor told me that there is tea at target that increases flow. & works! & dont feel bad! I stopped breastfeeding after 2 months because she ate a lot which is normal but more so i was in pain because of stitches. I switched to formula & she is fine. Rarely sick. 7 months crawling and standing a lot. Choose whats best for YOU. Formula & Breastmilk are good for baby. Do what makes u comfortable.

Stephanie D 0 likes

You're doing great! Don't doubt yourself! Babies just want to be loved and fed! If switching to formula is the way to go for you, that's okay! I will tell you that with my son my milk decreased around the same time, then he went through a growth spurt and wanted to nurse every hour on the hour so I left my breast out for him the whole night 1 time and the next morning my supply had doubled from pumping 2oz on each side to 4oz on each side! Your baby is the best stimulus!!

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