I called to get blood work results today from OBGYN. I'm not pregnant, and I have been diagnosed with PCOS. The front desk worker who relayed the results to me said he put in his notes to start BC again. Does anyone here have this? What exactly do you have as symptoms? How has that effected you getting pregnant? Does BC really help (I'm going on 3.5months of no bleeding)?

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What does pcos stand for

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I was diagnosed 20 years ago...it took me 17 years of trying to ever get pregnant the first time. I finally have my miracle, but it's a struggle. I have weight issues, facial hair and never ovulated but the one time I did and actually got pregnant as far as I know. BC is how most doctors treat it. Also with metformin. Mine was the exact opposite because I have bled for a solid 7 months before, exhausting and horrible experience. If you have any questions let me know.

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I wish I could tell you something positive. I worked really hard and lost a little over 200 pounds over three years, which helped tremendously with symptoms. But if you are having any thyroid issues, hair loss, facial hair or a plethora of other medical issues going on...it is to blame.

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Poly cystic ovarian syndrome

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It stands for Polycystic ovarian syndrome. I don't know much about it

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Poly cystic ovarian syndrome. I have it. Symptoms are irregular periods, headaches/menstrual migraines, can cause facial hair depending on hormones. It can affect ovulation in some women due to irregular periods. They can give you meds to help you ovulate. I had no trouble getting pregnant with pcos, but I know others who have had a really hard time. It's different for everyone. BC helps regulate your hormones.

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Vitex helps regulate and I ve heard it helps women with pcos get pregnant because it regulates hormones. I don't have pcos but took it and got pregnant in 2 months Got it on amazon

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Yes. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 26 and I am 34 now. I entered into infertility treatment when my husband and I couldn't conceive naturally, but I also have endometriosis. Long story short I gave up on infertility and right after conceived naturally. After my daughter I continued to have problems and they changed my bc multiple times. It didn't work for me and I ended up pregnant with twins while on bc. My sis on the other hand has had decent results controlling her PCOS with bc.

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I wish you the best of luck it's not easy to deal with all of the symptoms that comes with the diagnosis.

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Everyone is different but one thing is that your body handles insulin differently. Go see a reproductive endocrinologist if there is one close to you. It could be a simple fix like medication but they will be able to explain and help you plan better than your ob/gyn

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My sister has it. It took her & her husband 8 years to finally get pregnant (periods & ovulation wasn't regular) and have their 1st and only baby. She has controlled it by changing her diet (eating clean: no gluten, no dairy, fresh fruits & veggies, etc), taking natural organic supplements and has gotten her Thyroid under control (which has to be functioning normally to become pregnant). She has continued this and is hoping to try to get pregnant once she is done breastfeeding her son!

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I was diagnosed with PCOS after I stopped birth control and had very irregular periods. The dr also did an ultrasound of ovaries-had eggs but I wasn't ovulating on my own. I had to do lots of blood work and medicine to finally conceive after 2 years of trying. My body wasn't producing progesterone correctly to be able to conceive.

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BC helps regularize your periods. Doesn't do anything to your chances of getting pregnant . Doesn't cure PCOS. Just gives you normal periods and peace of mind.

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I have pcos and I tried to get preggo without bc for many years and never did I started bc for maybe 6 months and got preggo right when I stopped I did miscarry with that pregnancy but I got preggo 6 months later and I know have a 1 week old healthy baby

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Is weight management one of the only things to do other than BC that I can try to manage this myself? My insurance is extremely limiting on who I can see right now; so it's my OB or a walk in clinic or ER 😒 any tips for loosing weight? I've honestly been trying and with trying I've gained 10-20 lbs.

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Samantha- a diabetic diet works for me. I gained a lot of weight, but was able to lose a good amount once I started eating according to diabetic rules and recipes. Other than that nothing seemed to work for me.

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