I broke! I had a little bit of raw cookie dough!! Now I'm regretting it and freaking out! Will this hurt my baby :( I didn't have a lot! But I've been craving it my entire pregnancy! And I just caved 😟😟 please no rude comments 😐 I've eaten it my whole entire life and never had an issue, but now I'm scared since I'm pregnant

Serenitys M 0 likes

No you will be fine.. They just warn people because theres a small chance of getting sick. Youll be fine dont worry.just take care of yourself

Gina R 1 like

You and your baby should be ok. I probably wouldn't keep doing it, but once in while. There are really good recipes for cookie dough without the egg... I ate that throughout my pregnancy. I'd make a big batch and eat some, refrigerate some, and freeze some for later 😊

Margaret T 0 likes

I really don't see the harm especially bc it's the first time you ate it. I have friends that have eaten way worse during their pregnancies. And screw people judging you we all do things....

kadee w 1 like

your fine

Annie P 1 like

I didn't even know you couldn't!!!! I think you will be fine! Sometimes we have the strangest cravings!!!

kadee w 3 likes

I had lunch meat while I was pregnant. I craved honey ham sandwiches all the time

Stephanie W 0 likes

No worries. I eat raw brownie batter all the time and have thru all 3 of my pregnancies. I talked to my dr about it and he said I would be fine.

Mommy Of O 2 likes

Your good

Ash L 1 like

If u crave it again why not make your own egg free? I'm sure there is a recipe :)

Luna G 1 like

Not a big deal. Your be fine.

Bri 6 likes

Look at it this way: there's people out there that do heroin and crack!! Ur fine 😝😝😝😜😜😜

Haley < 0 likes

Okay, had a minor heart attack. I feel much better lol and craving is satisfied!

Mel E 2 likes

I agree you are fine but if the craving hits again what about cookie dough ice cream?

Jennifer B 1 like

I ate raw cookie dough like crazy when I was pregnant and my baby was born perfectly fine.

Sofie D 1 like

You are totally fine. I didn't follow any of those pregnancy rules, except alcohol and tobacco. And my daughter is totally fine!

Haley < 1 like

I tried cookie dough ice cream, SO go reall mad because I didn't eat any of the ice cream, I dug through just for the balls of cookie dough 😩

Alison B 1 like

I did it while I was pregnant. I got on a real baking kick toward the end and at a certain point couldn't handle not tasting before baking. So I caved and had a little nibble. Baby's fine.

Briana W 1 like

You'll be fine. The concern is foodborne illness from foods like raw eggs, deli meats etc. The chance of getting sick is slim, but if it does happen, it can harm the baby. So if you are feeling good, no worries!

Taylor M 1 like

No I ate cupcake batter and was completely fine ! Might give you a little upset tummy but don't worry. If you ate a whole batch, then maybe you'd have something to worry about

Em's M 2 likes

The concern is salmonella from the eggs which as long as you are using pasteurized eggs you are relatively safe. Nothing is 100% but it's safer than farm fresh.

Mommy To T 1 like

They have recipes that are safe to eat and most stores also sell frozen cookie dough that's safe to eat too.

Carol M 1 like

I had deli meat and sushi throughout my pregnancy. Lo is fine.

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