I breast feed my 10month old and we are at 4 feedings per day. I go back to work soon and one of those feedings per day will happen while he is in daycare. He's never had a bottle before so I don't really know how much he eats at a time. Just wondering how much pumped milk I should give the daycare for him each day. He is eating table food now and about 2 oz of homogenized milk (I think its also called whole milk?) a day but he doesn't seem to care for it much.

CiCi's M 0 likes

You should probably pump and get him used to a bottle. You will also be able to see how much he eats that way

Trust N G 1 like

I would pump at least four or five ounces to be sure. And air vent bottles work wonders

Baby Girl โ 2 likes

Try a sippy cup instead of a bottle. If he's not used to a bottle anyway why not just get him used to a cup since he will need that anyway. My LO refused a bottle after 6 months only drinks her breastmilk and other things from cups only. You never know he may enjoy it. But keep giving it to him he will get used to it eventually

Missy O 1 like

I agree๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘† I would try a Sippy!

Cara G 0 likes

How is he drinking the milk you're giving him now? Is it a cup? If so, then see if there's any issue for daycare doing the same thing.

Kat E 0 likes

Ya I think I'll be giving it to him in a sippy cup because that's what he's been using. Just curious how much I should be giving him.

Cara G 1 like

I would guess anywhere from 4-6 oz. my daughter is almost 9 months and takes about 4 oz a feeding of breastmilk.

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