I attempted trying to get my 6 month old to self soothe by letting him cry for one minute, then going in to comfort. Letting him cry for two minutes, then comfort. And gave in and picked him up. I can't do it. He had tears everywhere and was so upset. I don't know what else to do. I can't let him cry. I'm a weak mama! ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

Heather P 3 likes

Your not weak he's just not ready. Real tears yea I'd pick mine up too.

Baby M 6 likes

That isn't weak. It is following mommy instincts๐Ÿ’•

Sue S 1 like

You not weak!! Your doing what u think is best for your baby. When I did the sleep training I cried with my baby :( it's hard but so worth it! I promise it will get better.

Nina T 1 like

I am the same. My husband would be really hard on my Lo and just let him cry. He cry for almost 20 mins. He stopped then take a break then he cry again. In the end he stop for a long time so i ran into him and pick him up. I was almost crying too. Husband said if i do he won't help me take care of Lo lmao

Mellissa T 2 likes

I think so many people here know the feeling. If it comes to real tears I'd pick him up, but up until then it's more like whining than crying. I started letting my son cry, then going over there and patting his back or rubbing him however I do to get him relaxed, while he was still laying down. I also try shushing him before I get over there. Maybe try some of those? Good luck momma :)

Les L 3 likes

You're not weak. I can't do cry it out either. I just accept that I might be rocking my baby to sleep a little longer than others, but I know that my extended family is full of toddlers who wouldn't even dream of letting their parents rock them to sleep. So I enjoy her cuddles now, because I know someday she won't want it.

Coryn P 3 likes

Not weak! Babies cry for a reason. I never did CIO. She still needs me with her to sleep for naps, and she's 15mo lol

Tia W 2 likes

I can't do it either! Your not alone! I'm gonna have to send an apology/warning letter with her to daycare in advance! Lol

Tonya H 2 likes

You are not weak. I didn't do CIO either and my son can self soothe and put himself to sleep. They all do eventually. Just wait til he is ready. You're a good mama. Don't be hard on yourself.

J C 1 like

You're not weak. You wouldn't be normal if hearing him cry didn't affect you!

Joy D 0 likes

Try the pick up put down method! It can take a long time but nearly as traumatic for either of u! U pick them up when they're hysterical and put them down as soon as they stop even if they cry on way back down lay them all the way on the mattress before picking them back up. Google it it's from baby whisperer book. I have a super stubborn baby it took over an hour but usually said it takes around 20 min

Lisa G 0 likes

Don't feel bad you are not weak. I usually take a shower so I can't hear him and if he is not calm I will pick him up but at least it is a few min to let him self soothe.

C L 1 like

Thank you ladies! I feel much better! I'm just going to keep rocking my little human until he is ready. โ˜บ๏ธ

Kristy R 0 likes

We did the CIO with my daughter who's now ten. She sleeps very well--I feel it was worth it. The first night she cried for an hour. The second night she cried for 45 min. The third night she cried for 20 min. After that she never cried again. That first night was the longest hour of my life, but it was successful. Hang in there! You and your baby both benefit from good sleep habits.

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