I am wondering what everyone's thoughts on circumcision are. I know it's an awful topic- but we need to make an informed decision soon and I've made the mistake of watching some traumatizing videos and reading some crazy articles 😳 help Mamas!

Jenn and B 10 likes

My son is circumcised. It was an decision my husband and I made tigether before I learned about why not to do it. Honestly, if we have another boy, I would probably still get him circumcised.

Ciara B 3 likes

Both of my boys got circumcised and they r just fine. Advice: use lots of vaseline on the penis, especially the tip at each and every diaper change.

Caitlin V 5 likes

Both our boys are circumcised.

Ana C 3 likes

We had decided to because my husband wasn't and wished he had been...seems to be easier to keep his weenie clean and we haven't noticed any adverse side effects.

Amber E 3 likes

If I had a boy I would get him circumcised because you dont have to teach them later on to pull the skin down to clean. (TMI I dated a guy who wasn't and his skin was literally glued to the head! I tried to pull it down and he said it hurt! I don't even think he knew it was a bad thing!! Gross.)

Out N 9 likes

Mine isn't. Mainly because my husband isn't along with most of the world. Also our insurance wouldn't cover it anyway. Whatever decision you make make sure it's your decision and your fully comfortable with it. And know how to care for it. Some doctors aren't informed with care of uncircumcised

JH K 3 likes

Well i think its very outdated. It used to be almost all babies in the U.S. Would get circumcised but now a days half of all babies in the US are intact and the numbers are growing. The U.S. Is the only country I believe where they do it automatically and after doing some research I didn't find enough evidence to think it was worth it. In my opinion I don't want to modify my sons body without his consent. If he feels he wants to get it done later on it will be his choice as its his body...

River's M 3 likes

Our baby boy is circumcised. Being in the medical field, I felt there were more pros than cons with having this done.

Alyson D 7 likes

My son is circumcised. It's what works for our family. My fiancé is circumcised. There are a lot of benefits to getting it done. I don't believe anyone is wrong for choosing to keep their son intact, though. It's ultimately up to you as a parent.

JH K 2 likes

It took a little longer for my husband (who was circumcised as he's an 80's baby) to come around to the idea but he feels it's the right thing to do for us. Everyone has their own believes and feelings on the matter. This was ours. I happened to ask my girlfriend if she had ever been intimate with someone who wasn't circumcised (I haven't had the experience) and found out that her fiancé who she always raves about how great their sex life is (every single time apparently) is intact as well....

Linda J 7 likes

I was having a hard time with it and I read a lot about it. I decided to let my husband make that decision. He chose to do it. When they brought him back ( he was a day old) it was bloody and he screamed so hard my heart broke and I walked out crying almost as hard as he was. I felled horrible! But it healed so fast.

Bree T 2 likes

My son was circumcised at about 3 weeks, since we were in the nicu for close to a month. His penis was red for a day and then it was fine. I couldn't bring myself to be there for the procedure but I was told he didn't even cry. I'm glad we did it because I've heard some horror stories about trying to clean an intact penis... Pain and crying and infections.

Barbara H 4 likes

My son is circumcised I know the procedure is a horrible thing but he'll be fine it takes about 10 min. I look ed up why to do so and why not to do so. The decision is totally up to u.

JH K 4 likes

And she says she loves it (she's def not shy talking about penises lol) that it feels better to her and that the only thing that is different is that he has to pull back to clean it while in the shower. I really hope this isn't TMI but I felt better knowing this even tho my son won't be having sex for another 40 years lmbo.

Mommy T 5 likes

We chose to circumcise. Daddy is and it just seemed like it would be easier to keep clean

Alysha B 5 likes

My son is circumcised. It's not medically necessary & I've read it's not proven to decrease incidents of infection. However, my stepbrother was uncircumcised, refused to clean himself properly & suffered repeated infections. I'd recommend talking to a pediatrician. I was very torn about the decision. It was a comfort to me that my son slept through the procedure. If you choose to circumcise only an experienced doctor should do it.

Gunner Danger's M 4 likes

We did just because daddy is. We fully believe that it's nothing more than a cosmetic procedure these days. If it had been up to me we would not have done it. I felt like it was more of a daddy choice.

Faith A 3 likes

My son is. Our doc told us and we read up on it. That most boys that do get circumcised won't have as many health problems in the future. Like infection and uti and those kind of things. But it is up to you. So whatever you decide. Just do a little more research on it

JVP 6 likes

Mine son is not. I think honestly it is cruel. If you wouldn't do it to your daughter why your son? And a penis is a lot easier to clean than a vagina. lol.

Jennie E 5 likes

My son is not. I did a lot of research and medically it just isn't supported. There is no medical benefit to circumcision. My feeling is that my son is prefect the way he is and I'm not going to cut off part of his body just because people think it will look better or so that he can look like everyone else.

JH K 3 likes

^^^agree! Also the reason a lot of boys had infections is because of the misguided information that a parent should pull the skin back to clean it. This is false. When they are born the skin is attached and it seals out any contaminants. It is when ill informed people pull it back to "clean" it that they hurt it and introduce bacteria. The skin detaches by itself when they are in puberty and all you have to teach them is to pull it back and rinse it off clean....

Sophia 3 likes

Is a very personal choice. My decision was made respecting my husband's wishes. He wanted his son to look just like him so when we take showers together he won't ask "why my daddy's different than mine" I also feel that my future DIL or SonIL will be thankful I did ;)

JH K 2 likes

Some men end up suffering the consequences of being circumcised as well and it wasn't even their choice. Def do your own research as much of what was believed as benefits from it were also proven later on to not be the case.

Adriel's Mama 2 likes

Daddy is but My son isn't I agree with @JVP.... this is the way my son was sent to me and he's perfect that way. It's all cosmetic but it's just your decision. I heard it heals really fast but painful during procedure.

Mama P 3 likes

I left the decision up to my fiancé. He decided not to have our son circumcised. My fiancé himself, regrets being circumcised. He thinks he would have better sensation if he was intact. The more I educated myself on the topic, the better I felt about our decision. Initially, I was planning on having him circumcised but our doctor made some good points & I did some homework online. Plus, a friend of our had some complications when their son was circumcised & it had to be done again 😮

Danielle D 4 likes

My son is intact. It's mainly a cosmetic procedure and I didn't want to put my son through that. I also know a few people who have been damaged by the procedure. If you teach them how to clean it properly then it won't get infected.

Sarah M 2 likes

I'm for it. My nephew isn't and he had to get his foreskin clipped back a bit as a toddler bc he couldn't pull it back enough to clean so kept getting infected. He had air of pain. Also, a friend back when he was 15 had to get curcumsized due to issues and he said that it was horrible as an adult bc obvious reasons - you can't get an erection during the healing process (can't as in not allowed). Well at 15 an a male - that's basically impossible!!!

Ty L 1 like

My son is circumcised. It didn't bother me because he got it done when he was 1 day old and it's not like he was going to remember and it couldn't have been painful because he didn't cry or flinch. But it's up to you.

Mommaofkj j 1 like

We got it done its pretty much either a reason of religion i guess or how u feel as a parent we got it done and the worst part was the procedure but he was fine after some insurance pays most don't we paid cause it wasn't covered so his dad paid hes circumsised so its just what he believes with boys

Michele B 5 likes

My son is not. I know everyone has their reasons for it or not, but the main reason I didn't do it is because I think my son should have a say in whether or not he wants his anatomy altered.

Diana F 4 likes

I did a lot of research as well and I did not choose circumcision for my son. The foreskin is NOT a birth defect so why get rid of it? Also, it acts as a natural lubricant for when he starts having sex.

Diana F 4 likes

and also it's not hard to teach your son to keep it clean, I'm just against it overall because it's cruel, in my eyes. I wouldn't make my son go through that. my boyfriend is not circumcised and he's never had any infections or hygiene problem. but to each their own. (:

JH K 5 likes

I just read up there about a toddler with infections because the foreskin was pulled back. Here's some better info

Out N 2 likes

Jh k is correct my son was starting to get infected because doctor told me I had to pull back all the way every change. I obviously switched doctors since then

Jenn and B 3 likes

I agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but in no way is circumcision comparable to the mutilation of female genitalia. In other parts of the world, it is used as a form of torture. TORTURE. There are bad sides to both intact and circumcised but that is a choice the patents get to make based on what they feel is best for their child. In NO WAY in female genital mutilation a good thing.

Elizabeth A 1 like

My son is .. They don't feel anything if thats what you read. It all depends what you guys think is right .. Some people think it's weird if you don't get it done it's more special treatment and extra care to a non one ..

Hillary M 1 like

My husband made the decision to have our son circumcised. Which we were very grateful for because when he was taken in for the procedure after birth the doctor found that our son was born with a birth defect called hypospadias. (The urethra is shorter than the shaft) and had to have reconstructive surgery at 6 months old.

Melanie L 3 likes

We chose not to circumcise. We both felt that it is unnecessary. Because there is more cleaning required it promotes good hygiene and I didn't want anyone cutting my baby. Fyi-the best sex in my whole life was had with men that weren't circumcised. Coincidence? I think not.

Tonya H 2 likes

first it is a matter of preference or religion. do homework. it does NOT deform the child, prevent growth, or any of the crazy things I have heard. it is just skin like a cuticle. it can cause issues with infection as the kid grows since we all know how clean boys are to begin with. those infections can cause sterility if they get bad. but it is PREFERENCE. go with your gut. docs numb them now. most kids cry just because they are strapped down. my lo is curcumcised.

Tonya H 2 likes

and i have no regrets. it is not about health or growth or anything. it is a matter of preference and i have yet to have a boy say they wished their mom had not done it. they do not remember it and they dont get asked questions by others in school and most could care less.

Tonya H 2 likes

i will tell you the doc that did ours wont be doing any others. they said she is known for making sure it is all removed properly. took her forver and my son cried for 30 min afterwards but ither than that had no issues. i would still do it again. do slather in vaseline. prevents burning and sticking with diapers. but it is a choice. and it is your choice. dont let anyone discourage one way or the other

Nicole A 0 likes

You're all AWESOME! I think we've done too much research 😭. I just want to make the best informed decision based on all aspects...so tough! These comments were helpful- keep them coming!

Diana F 3 likes

an ex of mine hated being circumcised, nothing he could do now though .

Felisha L 2 likes

We decided not to circumcise since I find foreskin not to be a birth defect. If he chooses to get rid of it when he's older then that's his choice.

Kristen S 1 like

I circumcised my LO and he is perfect! His father is and I have only been with 1 guy who was intact. It is personal preference. I was on the fence for a few weeks and then when I did it, I don't have any regrets.

Nicole Z 3 likes

This isn't to offend anyone, just stating the research as it was done. The original research was done in Africa where there is a higher rate of rape, HIV, and homosexual sex. What they found was that men who had not been had higher rates of STDs and HIV. This research is not generalizable 2 our society & population. The results did not prove that circumcision prevents the transmission of any disease. Therefore, it is behavior that leads to disease. It is a personal choice. We chose not to.

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