I am wondering does anyone have an input on organic versus regular baby food. Some people say organic is the best and others say because of the pesticides in regular baby foods that it is dangerous. My baby is now 9 months, I always fed her organic, but was wondering if anyone tried the regular baby food and is it safe?

Ana S 0 likes

I am feeding my son organic formula from Europe

Sara S 0 likes

I always made my own food so I didn't have to worry about it. It is super simple and there are a ton of websites full of good ideas for variety.

Kay K 0 likes

I give my baby Enfamil, but I was wondering about the fruits itself..

Linsi M 1 like

I have my daughters a little bit of everything (gerber, gerber organic, plum, Beechnut, sprout, earth's best, etc) & they're perfectly fine. I didn't have the time or patience to make my own food (I did it as a nanny & hated it) & they've been on table food since 9.5-10 months.

Happy M 0 likes

I don't know if you can forever avoid all the chemicals around, but I try if I can help it.

Nayatt C 0 likes

It is a matter of preference. I had asked my pediatrician and thats what he said. I made my own baby food. Really easy, much cheaper and u control what goes in.

Carmon C 0 likes

I always made my food also. It's easy and cheap. And you know what's in it. Especially if you have a garden or know someone who does.

Carrie W 0 likes

How do you make your own baby food? Just blend a fruit or veggie? Is that it? Or do you add water?

Jonica R 1 like

I add water or breast milk after i mash it up or blend when my son was younger but as he gets older I tend to not add as much liquid

Danie M 0 likes

@carrie, you steam it first then put it in a blender with a little water depending on how thick you want it, there's a couple different ways but that's my preference

S S 0 likes

I make my food as well... It definitely saves money and is healthier!

Coryn P 0 likes

I make my baby food, but have canned food for on the road and emergencies. My LO tends to have little allergic reactions to non organic. Not sure what the ingredient is that makes her react (we're gonna have an allergy test done on her). But for that reason we get only organic.

Ceza K 1 like

Enfamil and regular baby food. My kid is fine. This whole thing on organics is just crazy for me. I can't imagine spending five dollars on a single bottle. And I survived off of eating food off the floor.

Aprilbaby 1 like

Millions of babies have done just fine with regular baby food. It's all in the effort and expense and what you think is best for your kid. I choose to make my own baby food and use organic bc it is less chemicals and less bad stuff being introduced to his body. Also with homemade I know for sure what's going into it and not all the preservatives and sugar and such that store food has.

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