I am wanting to start potty training at six month old. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

Elsa S 0 likes

My daughter was constipated and I sat her in a little toilet at 7 months and she pooped in her toilet. I've actually been sitting her down once a day and she's been going. I've been amazed

His M 0 likes

If that's possible i would love to know cause my 7 month old HATES wearing diapers...

Coryn P 6 likes

Six months is way early. Your LO won't have any idea what's going on and you both will ultimately get very frustrated.

Heidi B 0 likes

That's a very small person being potty trained. Baby can't even walk yet....or talk... How would she tell you? 👀

Reyna R 0 likes

What?! 6 months? Waaay too early.

Loe D 0 likes

Six months!? Wow girl, no.. Way way to early

Francine D 3 likes

That's way too soon you must wait at least till they are walking. Their development skills aren't ready to be potty trained!!! Enjoy the stages of your baby grow!

Baby M 0 likes

That is physically not possible💋

Mari B 1 like

Too young, you would be potty training for the next few years, rather I suggest waiting. It is easiest /fastest when they can walk and communicate, generally between 2-3 years old. Once you start, make sure you are consistent and are committed to helping her. I suggest a long weekend where you don't go anywhere and just stay in/potty. Mom of 2.

Momma H 0 likes

I've read about infant potty training and know it's something some people do do.... I'm not not sure how it works bc the baby can't physically walk to the potty or talk to tell you they need to go? I think it's more getting them use to the idea but it will be more so you placing them on and them just going bc they don't really have the control to hold yet so don't expect much from your little one.

Andrea 0 likes

I thought I seen someone else say they did this too. I'm not sure if it was on this app or an article somewhere else (I need sleep. I can't remember anything) Her LO would go #2 on the potty but would still wet the diaper... I know I wouldn't have the patients to do it. If you try it post how it goes. Maybe on Scary Mommy on FB?

Olivia H 0 likes

Definitely too early?? He'll have no idea what's going on. He can't even walk yet. I think 1 1/2 - 2 would be a better age for you to even start thinking about that.

Irene S 0 likes

I think you could do it. It will take some time but at least your LO will have an idea. :)

Andrea 0 likes

I tried looking on Scary Mommy and also checked out EveryDayFamily on FB too and had no luck. I know I read where someone did it and found it to be successful. Good luck if you try it!!!

Flower U 0 likes

Doctors say there bodies should be ready so its after 1 yr of age.

Christina K 1 like

Wait until he's walking. What you can do now is every time you use the bathroom bring him with you and have him sit on his potty as he waits for you. Talk to him about what you are doing.

Face M 0 likes

(I read an infographic in Pinterest about this)....to say it's not possible is a stretch. http://pinterest.com/pin/131237776617935789/

A L 2 likes

If you try to potty train too early it can cause wetting the bed problems when they are older! Just let it happen on their time :)

Olivia 0 likes

It is definitely possible my cousin did it with her son. She started at 3 months. Was just talking with her and she was telling me I need to learn his pattern. If he goes to the bathroom after he wakes up then thats when you put him on the potty and so on. Her son was potty trained by 1.

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