I am so sad and worried. My almost 25th old month can hardly talk. He was referred to early intervention but hasn't seen yet for evaluation. He understands everything he just couldn't talk. I'm very depressed.

JVP 2 likes

It's normal! Mine didn't talk till like 2.5 years

Melissa S 1 like

I'm going through this as well!!! I'm actually meeting with a early interventionist speech therapist next week! My son is 19 months and isn't talking... Well not English! He babbles up a storm and is very smart and takes directions very well. He knows all his body parts and lots of a animals and things in his environment. He points when he wants things, and can get items when we ask him. But isn't saying very many words. He's said dog, duck, mom, and dad. But never consistently.

Melissa S 1 like

Try and not feel depressed! I know it's hard! Just keep talking, reading and playing with him! Soon both our littles ones will be talking and we will miss the silence!! Feel free to message me as well. Nothing better than venting to a mama going through the same thing!

Cassandra R 2 likes

I understand where your coming from my lo is only almost ten months and I constantly worry my lo will have a speech problem I had a severe one growing up where I got held back in preschool my speech therapist told my parents my brain pretty much had to learn how to talk again each morning I woke up it was rough growing up and was in speech therapy all through my school years I just don't want my lo going through the the same struggles I did and still go through

Yosefine D 1 like

Thank you guys, and melissa thank you. Don't worry about your 19th month old, at least he has few words that he can say clearly. My son can hardly say any word clearly. Sometimes, he will say eyes, then if he repeat it, he says it ahh. The only thing that I'm happy for now is that he understands me all the time. I hope everyone is right that our kids are just late talker.

T T 1 like

My daughter has been going to preschool with two boys that have had similar issues for the last three years. At 3years old, neither boy could speak clearly. I have watched them work so hard over the last few years and they are both doing great now. One of them improved at a faster rate than the other but both can be understood. They just stated kindergarten and play soccer. You would never know they had any issues in the past.

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