I am so confused, i live in a county where there are 3 death due to corona. Me my husband and kids we all are staying in home and not going anywhere. We are not sick too, hubby and me working from home so i have a nanny coming since last 6 months to watch my 1 year old. I am just wondering should i still call her to take care of my kid? She wants to come but She goes to many other jobs like cooking and to the store for rest of the hours. What should i do?

Jessica D 3 likes

I wouldn't let her come. Especially if she is always out and about.

Cali^Mom F 2 likes

I wouldn't have her come. If you do there's no point in staying home.

Taryn B 2 likes

No way. We have only ome confirmed case in our city, and we haven't Left the house in 8 days!!! It's Not worth it!

Mel Marie 1 like

Times are hard for everyone. She probably just truly needs the money but I wouldn’t being her by if you don't Have to

Tina P 1 like

Thank you everyone for support. I called her and said not to come for few days or atleast current situation Is stabilize.i was confused and your responses helped me make a decision.

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