I am just wondering do moms survive without going on play dates and making any sort of mom friends their age? Can I just wait until my oldest is in school? Do moms do this?

Tonya H 2 likes

My kid only sees kids at the church nursery or when I work at my charity and my volunteers bring their kids. Otherwise I don't get out much. But it is really good for building socialization skills.

Courtney 2 likes

I live in TX & im from CA so I have no family / friends out here besides my SO family there are no moms my age ( i turn 20 in 3 days ) around My son is 4 months so I haven't introduced him to any other children yet but he loves the interaction with us , his grandma and uncles I plan on taking him to the local library for group readings and to mommy classes when he's about 6 months old & im very outgoing so im sure I'll make friends with the older moms , im young but very mature for my age

Katty G 1 like

I have took my baby around other babies but only bc my friends and I actually surprisingly got pregnant around same time lol but maybe like every 2 weeks he'll see other babies he's 6 months old. But since I start working soon after not working for a while I think I'll survive since I will no longer be a full time sahm

Drae 4 0 likes

I'm 27 and have a 3.5 year old & 1.5 year old. I have tried before to many different play groups. My son has been in music class, baby yoga, gymnastics & I take them out almost daily to play places & out to parks. I never meet anyone so I just thought....I don't want to try anymore. I live in Canada and I don't have family near me.

Crystal Q 1 like

My closest fam/friends are four hours away & we seldom have the time to make the trip "home" so my LO (now 19 months) never sees any other kids except his 14yo sis. We're in a super small community so there are no mommy groups.

Drae 4 0 likes

I just moved to a small town as well :( there is one play group and I joined a yoga studio here. I am just not a social butterfly and am not having any luck.

S P 1 like

I did, but it's important for your child to be social with others of the same age. We put ours in preschool at 1 1/2. Look for local community activities for tots. Libraries & community centers often have something.

Drae 4 0 likes

Mine will be in preschool in September. Is it enough just to put him in there?

Haley J 1 like

I'm one of the last of my friends to have kids and I can count on one hand the amount of times they have seen her, and she is almost one. I also am not a social person and didn't do the mommy group/play date thing. She sees family and such regularly but no other kids or babies, with the exception of my 6 yr old nephew who is over a lot but it's not like they play together. I think it's fine. She will be starting daycare in a week and she will be socialized there

Skylar K 0 likes

I take my 2yr old to dance class once a week that's about the only time she's around little kids unless her cousins are over. It's ok it's good for them to socialize though. I have a 5mo as well so I'm looking forward to seeing them play

Skylar K 1 like

Preschool will be great for your LO!

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