I am breast-feeding my six-month-old. And my milk supply is extremely low. Until I can get my milk supply back where I want it, what is a good formula to supplement with? I have tried Gerber start gentle, and he gags and will refuse to eat it! Anybody else have this problem? What is a good formula that I could go to? TIA

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I know nothing can compare to breastmilk, is there anything out there that is similar to it?


Maybe try the Gerber supplementing formula. I used Gerber good start protect to supplement with but she was on both since she was born (Breastmilk and formula ) ask the doctor for samples .

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We had success with similac supplement

Nata C 2 likes

Try similac for Suplimentation. It's not as nasty and little sweet. But better put him to breast more often.

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That's what I was using was the good start supplementing!

Kristin B 1 like

Baby's Only...they say Toddler on packaging but I contacted the manufacturer and they assured me it is ok for infants as well. They didn't want to compete with Breastmilk so the FDA made them write the verbiage on back of container. They sent me the comparison to breastmilk and it is super close and of course minus the Antibodies. I am supplementing with this. So far so good. My milk supply isn't keeping up with my LO now. Makes me sad but we just have to hang in there. Good luck.

Gunner Danger's M 1 like

I switched from Gerber to Similac for moms who Suppliment. He liked it ok. Not as much a breastmilk of course.

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Similac and enfamil. Gerber is grossπŸ™ŠπŸ˜ͺ

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I had the same problem and parents choice (same as enfamil , but cheaper) has been doing great for my son.

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I am having the exact same problem right now. I am currently trying enfamil gentle ease and he's not gagging so bad yet

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Supplementing will not build up your supply only do the opposite! The more your little one suckles the more your body is going to think it needs to produce! Trust me you'll only hurt your supply if you fill your baby on formula instead of offering them your breast!

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They have enfamil supplement for Breast feeding

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I agree supplementing is not going to increase your bm supply but limit it even more...if you have a breast pump try pumping right after you feed or before you feed. Their suckling and saliva helps tell your body to produce more milk...there's also foods you can eat that will help your body produce more. I had the same issue and started drinking more water, eating almonds and cashews and oatmeal and my supply is an abundance now. Good luck

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I had the same problem with both of my boys. The first time I supplemented with formula and I lost my milk supply. The second time, I tried drinking lots of water and making sure I ate lots of good food. Also the nurses showed me different holding positions. There is one called the football hold that helped me but trying different positions can help give you more control and make the baby more comfortable.

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Can I ask why you think your supply is low? Some LOs just want to suck - it's a natural reflex and doesn't necessarily mean their still hungry. If you are feeding LO at breast, your body will produce enough. When LO goes through a growth spurt, your body responds by making more. Stimulation is key. And Kelsey is right. If you begin to supplement, your body will produce less because the demand is lower.

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Similac advanced! Im breast feeding and my milk just isnt enough for my daughter. She is 3 months now but i tried every kind of formula they all made her constipated. My doctor said use similac advanced and it works wonders. No constipation and no worries! Hope that helps :)

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earths best organic sensitive formula! a little pricey but great for my LO I just stopped breastfeeding and she's done great with this formula and it has great ingredients!

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try mixing the formula and the breastmilk...formula is a different taste and texture, baby just isnt a fan yet... also- maybe try warming it up?

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Well the last couple months I have just been pumping every 2 to 3 hours and then giving it to him in a bottle because he will get so mad he will not nurse! I know it's my fault because I have been giving him a bottle and he gets it faster that way. After three hours without feeding or pumping I am only getting about 2oz! The only time he nurses good is at night πŸ˜ͺ

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So even if I am just pumping without nursing I will not make enough?

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You can certainly exclusively pump, but it's a lot of work. And just remember, it's not necessarily a 1 for 1 because no pump is as efficient as LO. You may have to pump more often to make the same amount. And your own diet is critical during this phase. Drink TONS of water and eat healthy, including oatmeal and other "milk-makers". Also try a different nipple that is harder to use. I loved the medela Calma bc LO actually has to form a seal and suck the milk out. Less nipple confusion.

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Another option is to see a lactation consultant, or your pediatrician. They might have some tips to help LO go back to breast. They can also weigh lo before and after a feeding so you can actually see how many ounces he's taking in. Really helpful for peace of mind and confidence!

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What are some milk maker foods?

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Oatmeal, leafy greens, nuts, legumes, etc. look up galactagogues, but here's a start http://www.babycenter.in/a1049926/foods-that-help-increase-breastmilk And this is just a helpful article if you have some time: http://www.workandpump.com/boosters.htm

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