I am a stay at home mom! What kind of jobs so you mammas do if your working?!

M P 5 likes

I teach 5th grade!

Mercy W 2 likes

I am a warehouse lead

Mrs. H 0 likes

I'm a SAHM now... I worked as a Licensed Massage Therapist @ a PT clinic before baby.

Laney's M 3 likes

Registered nurse

Alyssa S 2 likes

I'm fixing to go to school for radiology tech. Hate leaving my 4 month old DD but I gotta take care of us:)

Alyssa S 2 likes

Also I work ten hours a week at the library stocking shelves. It's $8.06 an hour.

Ciara B 0 likes

I work from home for Cox Communications. Found my work from home job on ratracerebellion.com

Kara P 2 likes

I am a store manager at Off Broadway Shoes

Taylor R 2 likes

Cashier at a Chevrolet dealership!!

Kisha O 2 likes

I'm 12 credits away from a bachelors degree in sports management! I'm hoping to get a job as an athletic director or a marketing director at the college.

Jessica M 2 likes

Bayada home health care!

Cici 2 likes

Used to have my own studio teaching drawing and painting

Jill S 2 likes

I was a lawyer, and will be again someday

Mallory F 1 like

Executive Assistant for a Michigan Senator in the Capitol

Erika 1 like

K teacher on maternity leave until the summer but I have to go back in August

Charlottes M 2 likes

Social worker at the VA

Mel E 1 like

I work part time at Pier 1 imports... I was a sales lead( kinda like an assistant manager) before I went on maternity leave. Decided to just go back to part time. Love my job, it's so fun playing with all the great decor and helping people with decorating their rooms.

Angie . 2 likes

Social worker 30hrs per week

MikynDelanie's M 0 likes

A nanny! Which I will be going back to work in the fall. Hoping to be able to find a job where I will bring my baby.


Physical therapist / massage therapist. I'm thinking about opening up a consignment store 😁😁

Sarah K 0 likes

HR generalist.

Ashley T 2 likes

I own a craft beer bar with my husband. Thankfully, I'm able to stay home with my son.

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