I am 6 months pp and I BF. I gained 42 pds with my LO and lost 32 of it b4 my 6 week checkup. But I have held on to the last 10 pounds and I also wanted to lose 20 pounds b4 I got pregnant so now I want to lose it all. But I'm having an issue. I exercise but I need to eat and unusual amount of calories to keep the milk flowing cause I pump for work. Otherwise I struggle to pump. Anyone have this issue? Should I accept that I can't lose weight until I'm done BFing?her milk comes first to me.

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I am following this question, cause I am interested too! I had lost the 21 lbs I gained while pregnant, but now I have gained almost 10 lbs!! Very frustrating, I BF too and now I can not seem to lose the weight either. My LO is 7 mo.

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Yeah idk... Everytime I change my regiment to exercise and eat healthier it effects my supply. That has to come first... So I am almost just coming to terms that I won't be able to crash diet and lose the weight until I'm done BFing

Stacie T 1 like

I'm following as I have the same problem, thanks for asking I thought I was the only one.

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Hopefully we can get someone that can give us some advise!!

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I don't mean to discourage you ladies, but I BF 2 babies for 1 year each and I couldn't lose any weight while BF either. Now that I'm not BF, my appetite has gone way down and I'm starting to lose a little.

Amber N 1 like

I have the same problem. After a ton of research I found an article that said your body saves some of the fat so that you are healthy while breastfeeding and there is always fat in your supply. It said that the last 10 pounds will stay til after breastfeeding. I just try to exercise when I can. Breastfeeding is way more important. I'm weaning at 2 years old so only two months to go. Bittersweet

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I asked my doctor about this after my , now 4 month old lo , was born . His answer was actually very helpful . Breastfeeding should help you lose weight as it does burn calories . However , to stay on top of any weight loss you need to maintain a proper diet . If not , that's why your body will hold onto a fat storage , because it isn't getting proper nutrients from your diet , it will pull from a storage center in your excess weight .

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I gained 53 pounds while I was pregnant!! Lost all of it in the first 3 months!! I am breastfeeding as well!!! You could try to just have healthier snacks all throughout the day. And if you're worried about your milk supply dropping make sure you drink tons of water and take a vitamin called fenugreek! I take it and it helps build up your supply!!!

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