Ok, Huggies Little Movers, can they cause a diaper rash, teething, what's going on?? We switched to Huggies from Pampers Swaddlers due to blowouts and now this, I don't know what to think. My son is 8 months a the diaper rash started about 2 days ago, Desitin is on his tushy at every change but it's getting worse.

Jazmyn M 0 likes

Destin didn't do anything for my son when he had. Diaper rash either so I took him to his doctor and they gave some cream and he cleared right up so its best if you take him to the doctor before it gets really bad

Irma C 0 likes

Yes I have the same problem with Huggies. Both of my little ones break out almost instantly. Whatever store you bought them at, try to return and exchange for Luvs or something else.

Tiziana B 0 likes

I love Huggies! Have you tried to use some powder?

Britney C 2 likes

My daughter couldn't use the little movers I did some research and found they use very harsh chemicals in that particular type I was a huggies lover before but now we only use honost diapers.

Katherine B 2 likes

Some babies can be really sensitive to disposable diapers. I would suggest switching diaper creams too. Beadraux butt paste works amazingly well, spreads better, is more concentrated and more natural. Perhaps try the diaper cream first and if baby sill has rash, perhaps switch to cloth diapers. (We've always used Kirkland diapers with no problems)

Nikki 2 likes

Huggies gave my son a rash too. And didn't hold his pee or poo. The huggies natural wipes gave him a rash too. But if he's teething that will do it.

Tia S 0 likes

I use the buttpaste & that seems to work great with diaper rash.... Huggies never worked good for my son either :(

Remiya B 0 likes

Huggies gives my daughter a rash too every time never fails so we stick to pampers and honest company diapers...but for rash i use aquaphor and it clears it right up within hours...hope it gets better but I'd definitely stay away from Huggies

Haley M 0 likes

Sometimes it can be the wipes leaving too much moisture, baby powder helped us! We only use it on his bottom and he hasn't had a rash since.

Toni S 0 likes

My daughter also gets a rash from huggies.

Michele B 0 likes

I have used the huggies pure and natural brand and haven't had any problems with blow outs or rash. Good luck troubleshooting!

Ryan B 0 likes

My son had blow outs with all name brands so we started buying parents choice, Wal-mart brand. He hasn't had a blow out since! He's 2yrs. They have also have great night time diapers. Hope this helps! :)

Leeloo 0 likes

Some kids are sensitive to different brands. My friend's son was sensitive to Pampers but Huggies worked for him. We are in the opposite boat. If switching brands doesn't help with the rash def get it checked out. I used coconut oil for my LO and it worked great for us.

Connie W 0 likes

Huggies gave my son a diaper rash, I tried everything to get rid of the rash and when I took him into emerge the doctor asked me what brand of pampers I was using and I said huggies, he told me it was the pampers and to switch brands, so I did and couple days after no more rash.

Irekha R 0 likes

I switched my LO to Huggiea and I saw this reaction but I continued. Use Vaseline very change and I wash the Tushy after number #2 , to leave her with just wipes , I felt it might burn or irritate her and it was sticky feel. It cleared in a day. Oh I so wash her every morning, when she does #2 and a fall bath before night time. I use huggies with her now, so much better on my wallet :)

Caroline W 0 likes

Try a plant based diaper. Babyganics, honest company, 7th generation, etc. target has the best prices on them. Also, naked time. Let his tushy breathe.

jess p 0 likes

I use balmex it cleared rash in a day

Michaela R 0 likes

Idk about diapers causing but my niece was allergic to certain brands of diapers and wipes. Try an organic diaper maybe?? Or to get rid of diaper rash use coconut oil. It organic and has tons benefits

MAMA B 0 likes

A lot of the name brands have harsh chemicals in them and are very scented!! Try using the honest diapers!! And always have two creams on hand because LO will get use to one and it won't work anymore!!! Also corn starch will dry it out tomorrow use Penaten good luck momma

Jessica F 0 likes

Huggies did the same to my babe! A cool bath in baking soda and the aveeno diaper cream cleared it up for us!

Chrissy D 0 likes

That's funny cause we just switched our daughter Huggies and she broke out with rash also and she never had one before when on pampers.

Laura W 0 likes

Huggies have a chemical in the band (in the back) that is know to cause allergic reactions. My son got a horrible rash all over his butt and stomach about 5 min after I put one on. Take the diaper off put you lo in a Luke warm bath and then don't put him in a different diaper if the rash goes away or gets better then you know he's allergic. Almost everyone I know has allergy issues with huggies.

Stacy 0 likes

What is a blow out. ?

Laura W 0 likes

Poop comes out the diaper sometimes up the back.

Christina D 0 likes

I've used Huggies with all three of my boys and thankfully they didn't have a reaction to them. Not saying they didn't get rashes because they did every so often. I would mix a large amount of cornstarch with desitin until it made a very thick paste and spread it on their bottoms. My sons Dr gave me the advice. But I agree if the rash looks bad take your LO in to see the Dr.

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