However vain it may be, one of my biggest mommy fears is my LO getting a flat head. SIDS used to be #1 on that list, but we have a monitor on her at night for that now, so that's not as big of a worry for me (best $100 ever spent). Another major fear is intruders. What are your biggest mommy fears and how do you cope?

Stacie W 1 like

My kids never had the slightest sign of a flat head... I wore them both (ergo baby) and held as much as possible. Scientists have proven that you can't "spoil" a child until after 9 months

Ingrid R 6 likes

I used to obsess about SIDS too! Now I'm scared of choking. I know that It's normal to be worried about the person you made inside of your body, but sometimes I feel like the Mayor of Crazytown!

Yuliya L 1 like

Getting hit by a car while I turn my head away for a split second or getting into a car accident

Arela 1 like

I was really fearful of SIDS, but I keep my youngster in the bassinet next to me at night. My other fears are a house fire during the night since I also have a 2 y/o and pets. The other fear is drowning. I am planning to get a fire blanket and chain ladders. I also watch my kids closely around water and don't allow others to put them in a tub or a pool unless I'm present.

Kristin A 0 likes

With my first I was scared to death if giving him a bath. He was nearly a year the first time I did. Funny story, that first time, I turned to grab something and he stood up and slipped. He fell our of the tub and hit his head in the toilet. We ended up in the ER. It was a while before I bathed him again.

Brianne H 4 likes

That me or someone watching my LO will trip & fall while holding him. I'm fearful of autism also, I work with kids with autism. They are all precious & I care about each of them, but it would definitely be a challenge. Or that he will get severely injured some how. I try to just pray about it to deal. Trust that God would give me the strength to handle it, ifanything ever did happen.

Eryn 2 likes

That my son will fall and hit his head way too hard (especially on table corners) and autism.

Cheryl N 0 likes

I will always be scared of others holding my LO ever since my friend dropped my baby but i still let people hold him.

Kathy M 1 like

Germs! Ppl don't wash their hands and touch EVERYTHING. Babies touch stuff and their hands are always in their mouths 😔. I wash my hands constantly and I wipe everything down when I can but obviously there's nothing I can do sometimes.

Maggie W 1 like

Thanks for these posts. I have most of those things on my list! But I'm glad to hear it's not just me!

Kaitlin T 0 likes

Intruders are my biggest#1 because my husband works at night and my cope is we have a gun and we keep it out up out of the way and out of reach or children and another one is my kids stop breathing at night I go in 100 times a night to check up on them and the way I cope is I tell myself u will see them in the morning a million times

Jenn S 1 like

I don't have to worry about intruders, my dogs would have a meal. But I've always worried about SIDS. I constantly watch my newborns breathing.

Kaitlin T 0 likes

Also my babies slipping and falling nd hitting there heads choking and getting ran over and a car accident and I just tell myself everyday everything will b ok a million thousand times

Keanna S 0 likes

I'm guilty of being a very paranoid mom, my biggest fear tho is someone harming my daughter purposely and me not knowing about it. And that's why only close family and friends babysit lol

divina R 0 likes

My was flat head. And looking at the monitor and seeing a stranger standing over him

divina R 0 likes

Oh and choking!

Tee M 0 likes

SIDS, choking, and falling! However She has had a few falls, but I'm so afraid of her really getting hurt so I been extra careful

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