How would you know if you're transitioning to whole milk to quickly? Still at half and half right now and haven't really noticed anything too strange. Just stronger smelling poop.

Christie M 2 likes

We started at a year and with 3/4 formula to 1/4 milk for about 4 days and then 1/2 and 1/2 for another 4 days and then 1/4 formula to 3/4 milk until the formula ran out then to whole milk. Their poops get harder so you have to be careful. They can also become Constipated so much sure you are bringing on the other stuff as well. Prunes and things like that.

Mommy And M 2 likes

We didn't wean because we didn't know to. My son went from formula one day to whole milk the next ans didn’t have any issues.

Becca W 1 like

I started whole milk at 9 months. I would just give my son a bottle of milk. I started with an oz then worked my way up. I tried mixing but he wasn't having it

Aline C 2 likes

I would do it for 2 weeks. But I didn't even transition. Just went right for it.

Kits M 2 likes

We just switched. One day we ran out of formula so I bought whole milk instead. He barely even noticed

Kat E 2 likes

It doesn't matter how fast you transition. You can just switch. Doctors usually recommend to do this at a year but some moms do it a little early. We did 11 months when he went to daycare.

Mommy And M 0 likes

We did it at 11 months also

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