How would I go about transitioning my 1 year old to a toddler bed. We've been co sleeping since he was newborn since he would always complain in his crib. However now he's learning how to put himself down for a nap or to sleep sometimes but now he sleeps wildly and neither can me or my SO get a decent nights sleep lol I have 3 month old as well so I'm already up periodically

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Let him fall asleep next to you and then lay him in his bed so hes used to waking up there then go to lay him in his bed while hes starting to fall asleep Soon enough hell associate his bed with sleep too

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I started out with naps in his bed/crib. Once he fell asleep at night in our bed, I would bring him to his room. After several middle night wake ups, and bringing him back to our bed ... He eventually slept though the night without waking up.

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Thanks I will for sure be using this advice mommy needs her sleep to lol

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Hi Annie nice to meet u! I am transitioning my 15 mo old daughter n tonite was the 1st night she slept well in her bed. I owe it all to sleeping in the guest room near her n checking on her so she was not fearful or left crying. she felt like I was right there. I discussed with get what was going to happen and began using the words "LeiLei's bed". She also had her fav comfy pillow, pacifier blankets n Minnie (Although it is suggested that NOTHING be in the crib with your child ever).

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Good luck n keep us posted!

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