How will I know when I go into labor? I'm scared to be home alone and idk when and if I should call my boyfriend to take me to the hospital or if it's just part of being 37 weeks pregnant

Caitlin F 0 likes

Well it's horrible pain! Basically you will just know. Plus your contractions will be close together and regular

Crystal S 0 likes

How do I know if it's a contraction and not just back pain

M. S 0 likes

If you feel you are having contractions try laying down with your feet level with body and if it keeps up and consistent for a minute long contractions about 8 minutes apart make the call!! And of course if you feel a gush of water make the call! But if you feel uneasy no shame in going to labor and delivery to get checked! Good luck!

BoyMom 0 likes

You'll have plenty of time momma :) first babies usually take awhile... Your contractions will become unbearable before you have to really be worried about not making it in time. Worst case scenario, you can call an ambulance

Sofia W 0 likes

My waters broke at 39w2d. I went to pee and after that I realized I was still "peeing" just thar I couldn't control it. Just relax, go to dinner, go to movies as usual and have your bags ready.

Priscilla A 1 like

Oh you will know it's not just back pain it feels like period cramps and they just get worse.

Flower U 1 like

You start having lots of lower abdominal pains also contractions will get stronger every 10 or 5mins.

Sierra N 0 likes

Every time you feel like " oh my god is that it" breathe drink a glass of water and if it keeps happening after ten minutes after drinking water, try bouncing up and down or hold on to something and do some squats and stretch. And ten minutes later if it's still the same , then it can't hurt to check. Being dehydrated causes the back pain and contractions. Stretching can help move the baby who might be pushing on ya all weird! Good luck !!

Jennifer B 1 like

I'm 37 weeks and everyone told me the same thing. I'm to where my Braxton hicks are getting closer together and they said when they get stronger and constant 5-10 mins apart then baby's coming. Good luck.

Jacquelyn D 1 like

You'll know when it happens. It's good to keep your doctor on speed dial though lol

Stephanie W 0 likes

Call your bf when you can't talk or walk during a contraction.

Scarlett and Brooklynn's M 1 like

Yes like said above, when they're predictable and timed about 5 mins apart you know it's the real deal! I thought I was just cramping but then I timed it, went to see my doc and was 3cm! Then they get painful and you will want to die lol

Crystal S 0 likes

Thank u everyone. This has helped me so much :) also my baby girl is very active is that normal? It's uncomfortable when she moves now not painful but not pleasant

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