I just caught my niece pushed my daughter infront of their friends & my daughter just told me she always does that to her. I told her mom about it and her response was "their just kids that's how they play"& to let them be. So I went on and told daughter that it's not ok to bully her cousin or other kids. It made my sister (her mom) upset that she yelled at me and left. My baby doesn't fight because I taught her. What would you do if it was your kid? Am I overreacting?

Yvonne A 1 like

I wouldn't say over reacting, but if just watch it... See if t escalates. Have your daughter say that she don't like it being pushed

Jodie K 4 likes

That's not how kids play. Your daughter did the right thing by saying what she said and you are teaching your daughter the right thing by telling her that.. Great job mom. No your not over reacting at all I wish more parents would teach their children to be nice and play nice. Good job mama

Momof 4 3 likes

I agree, pushing is not playing, they need to be taught what is ok and what isn't, then there is instinct too, they know when it's not right so we need to steer them in the right direction, your sister will get over it, it never feels good when your kid does the wrong thing, a reflection on you, but it's how we handle it that shows our intentions are good, I believe that the reflection is really how you handle their behavior not their behavior... At least most of the time

Lauren @ 3 likes

Not overreacting. Sounds like you handled it well.

Lydia R 1 like

Thank you ladies.

Trish O 2 likes

You did the right thing stand your ground

Caroline W 3 likes

I agree. You are in the right. Don't let your sister bully you, too.

Nichole S 1 like

Well if my kids push another kid I put my kid in time out bcuz that's not right and I talk to the mom of the other kid if that mom don't do anything about it I tell my kids to not play with them anymore i don't put up with that my kids know what's right and what's wrong if the mom is going to be like that your lil girl don't need to play with her cuzin anymore it's not fair for your kid to get pushed put a stop to it

Gabriela T 1 like

Her mom, your sister is a bully and her daughter is a reflexion of her. That is why she got upset, yelled and left. She is bulling you by trying to make you feel bad and guilty. Don't let her do this to you, sometimes it's better to not be around people like this even if they are your family. It doesn't mean you don't love them, it just means they do nothing positive in your life and they only drain you or bring you stress.

Lorri S 1 like

No you were right. It's good to start young with conflict resolution Sounds like her mom has anger issues as well. I wouldn't let them play together if she can't keep her hands to herself. Your daughter deserves to feel safe and not have some other child pushing her even if its family.

Lydia R 1 like

Thank you everyone. I took all of your advices and explain to my daughter that can't play with or go sleepover at her aunty's house until her cousin knows how to play nice.. Again, thanks everyone.

Nichole S 1 like

Your welcome and good for you for standing up for your lil girl

Carla G 1 like

Stand up for your daughter! The Mother needs to teach her kids right from wrong and apparently she is lacking in that area! They may be family but it may come to the point where they aren't invited over as much. The last thing you want is for daughter to think it's ok to be pushed around. Think High school Bullies and relationships later in life. Teach her it's not ok!

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