Hi mommies I need some help I'm not sure if it's the formula I'm giving my baby but he's been having slot of gas and crying a lot idk what to do he's only a month old is there something I can do to make him feel a bit better

Katelynn H 2 likes

My little girl went through the same thing, there is some all natural gas drops you can give him that you can buy over the counter and it is completely harmless its called mommy bliss! This stuff was a life saver for me and my little one!

Kelley C 1 like

Similac fussy gassy helped my guy

Jaclyn R 1 like

What formula is he eating?

Melissa B 2 likes

You may need to try another formula . They have many on the market that helps with sensitive tummies . For gas, there is an over the counter gas drop. It really helps . Bicycle kicks as well.

Hannah C 1 like

It may be the formula... Have you tried gripe water?

Jaclyn R 1 like

My babies belly was sensitive so I changed her formula from enfamil regular to the sensitive and it helped her a lot

Mary V 1 like

Try sensitive formula it's in an orange container... Also stock up on gas drops :) good luck.

Cara F 2 likes

Bicycle kicks for sure! Put them on their backs and move their legs like they're riding a bike. My LO would sometimes toot while doing this!

Kadejah S 1 like

My baby struggled with gas as well. Doctor suggested to give him gas drops with each feeding. And laying him faced down where his tummy is over your legs while patting his back works too. My baby would let out gas every time ha ha

Momma To T 1 like

Do you have Parents Choice with iron formula in the USA? That's the only formula that didn't make my daughter constipated or spit up.

Aprilbaby 2 likes

Gas drops can give every 2 hours. Helps within 10-15 minutes

Ann P 1 like

Ok so I went through a period of this with my baby. What worked for us was switching, not only to a sensitive gentle formula, but also to a readymade in a bottle. It is more $$$ but we mostly bought in bulk at bjs or SAMs club.

Jennifer S 0 likes

My baby was acting like this for the first few weeks and we started using gripe water right before bedtime and we switched all ignore bottles to the Dr. Browns bottles. They seemed to make a big difference and she didn't spit up as much either.

Kayla G 0 likes

Gas drops were very helpful for us. The work almost instantly. But also look into the formula for sure.

Tiffany J 0 likes

Enfamil is what eating now and I'm going to try the gas drops thanks a lot everyone 😊

Meagan P 1 like

Colic Calm gas drops worked within minutes for us. Also if you have a blender try to mix the formula in there if your using powdered. Shaking the bottles creates a lot of bubbles. We make a 20 oz batch at a time and keep it refrigerated until it is time to eat! Good luck.

Stephanie W 1 like

Gripe water!!!

Jamie C 1 like

Gas drops aren't really a permanent solution they actually don't get rid of the gas they just make it move out faster which can cause pain also. Try changing formula. Either sensitive or maybe even soy baby could be lactose intolerant

Mohini G 1 like

Gripe water really helped my LO with tummy issues.

Keli B 1 like

Hi, for me the best formula was the Parents choise, from Walmart. My son took the Similac and not worked. this had not or gas problem and evacuate

Chelsea S 1 like

Gas drops work wonders!!! I think there like $8 at any pharmacy

Jess J 1 like

Pumping his legs, Tummy massage- Switch to a allergen free formula-lactose is so hard on a babies belly

Heather H 1 like

My LO had gas....switched from regular Enfamil to Enfamil Gentlease (it's in a purple can). Saw results by the next day. You can also try the gas drops.

Katherine T 1 like

Probiotic really helped my baby with gas & crying. She use to cry a lot and after a couple of weeks on probiotic it decreased a ton. The doctors said she had colic. You at want to check with your pedi and see if they think it's colic.

Josselin M 1 like

Hylands gas drops helped my baby that young! It works great! Try switching his formula

Paige B 1 like


Lisa M 1 like

Try the gentle/sensitive version of the formula

Tiffany J 0 likes

Thank you all for the feedback i will let you know what works 😊 thanks again

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