No matter how much and how long I pump, my milk production depletes significantly after my morning and early afternoon pump. Why is this? I take motherlove and fenugreek supplements, massage my breast, take hot hot showers, rest as much as possible, and do warm compresses. Anything else I could do?

Perfectly M 2 likes

More calories. Less stress.

Lori A 2 likes

Milk production can vary depending on time of day. My best times were first thing in the morning and between 1am-4am. Sometimes mid afternoon.

immortelle 1 like

Agree with raven! Don't stress out too much! Think about bb and chillax

ChasAnn M 0 likes

I don't stress too much, or at least to don't think I do, if I do it's probly about paying bills😕 other than that pretty stress free. He's four months today and I can't seem to keep up with how much he's drinking(6oz.). I pump at work(3 days a week) and just not wanting to run out of milk for him😟

Brandis G 1 like

Its normal to produce more in the very early morning and less as you get closer to the evening. That's why babies cluster feed in the late afternoon and early evening. Your body is designed to produce that way because that's the way baby is supposed to eat. Think of it like this: Big breakfast, small lunch & supper with snacks in between and frequently until bedtime and throughout the night until baby is much older. You never run out of milk so if baby is hungry again, nurse baby again!

Lori A 1 like

I always felt like I couldn't keep up but some how we managed! It ways took my body a couple days to catch up when he decided to take more. I don't know how our bodies do it! Amazing.

Brandis G 1 like

Also the average intake of Breastmilk is 2 1/2-4 oz. at each feeding for a 1-6 month old.

Elizabeth D 3 likes

Try pumping at least once in the middle of the night. I wished I would have done that.

ChasAnn M 0 likes

Good to know thanks!

J P 0 likes

If you are thinking too much about it, you won't produce much. Try listening to your favorite song when nursing. I tried to eat a lot which produced a lot of milk

Koko S 2 likes

Make sure you drink lots of fluids especially water. It really helps.

Emy L 2 likes

Lots of water!

ChasAnn M 0 likes

Yes drinking plenty. A range of a gallon to a gallon and a half

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