Is there anything I can do to help baby acne go away? My LO is just over two weeks and she's formed a rash on her cheeks that look like white heads almost! And I don't want to put lotion on her face, but it's really drying out her skin on her face! Is there anything I can do, or does it go away on its own? Thank you! 😊

Crystal P 0 likes

My niece had this same problem when she was a baby, I believe my sister got some kind of cream from the doctor to clear it up. I wouldn't use anything without asking a dr first bc you wouldn't wanna chance making it any worse

Ali's m 0 likes

It will go away on its own just be patient. Eczema lotion helps with the dryness

Guadalupe G 0 likes

My baby is two weeks as well and had the same problem, but it was because we kissed him soo much, we kept away from his face a few days and the acne went away & we put lotion on him, almost gone now, just like 3 bumps left

Morgan S 0 likes

Leave it alone. Use a warm wet wash cloth to wipe it off a couple times a day. Dont put topical cream and don't pick it. My son had it for three weeks all over. I was told to do that and it healed it's self.

Morgan S 0 likes

Lotion will make it worse :(

immortelle 3 likes

We wiped our LO's face with wet warm cloth and used Aveeno baby eczema lotion a couple times a day. It cleared up in a few days :)

Chanett F 1 like

Use breast milk I did for my son and it cleared up nice and quick

Jess L 1 like

Coconut oil

Olya T 2 likes

I applied Breast milk, she had it all Around her face and cheeks and it cleared right up

KW β 1 like

Baby acne is normal. I would still lotion the face if it's becoming dry. The dryness will be more uncomfortable than a few pimples.

Jaeda C 0 likes

We used Mustela Physiobebe, and it worked really well for my LO. If we forgot to do it for a day then the acne would get worse again. Baby acne only temporary (my LO's lasted for ~1 month), and it probably bothers you more than your baby, but I know I was so worried it was hurting my LO. I think the Physiobebe is definitely worth a try.

Em A 0 likes

Breastmilk clears it up really fast. Just rub it on and let air dry. I did it every feeding and it cleared up in a day or two. Also coconut oil is a natural antibiotic. I've heard that works great also. We are currently using coconut oil for a allergy rash on my LOs face. It's helping a lot.

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Stephanie W 0 likes

Coconut oil.

Meagan W 1 like

It goes away on its own

A E 0 likes

I used coconut oil a few times a day for my guy and it works wonders! I even use for diaper rashes. Love that stuff.

G S 0 likes

On its own! Mine had that and went away in a couple weeks.

Marissa D 0 likes

That happened with my son, turned out to be baby eczema! Try aveeno baby lotion

Baby As M 0 likes

It eventually goes away oh its own.. Sometimes it takes a month or two... I work out Breast milk in my LO a couple times a day which would help it slightly.. But don't put anything on it.. And at bathtime just wipe with a warm wash cloth.. Lotions can make it worse

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