My grandson is 9 weeks old and my daughter has decided to go back to work. I watch him for about 5-6 hours a day and he's driving me nuts!!! She breast feeds but I have to try to bottle can we make this a smoother transition

Michelle H 0 likes

You could see if she is willing to switch to bottle fed (still using breast milk) that way he doesn't get nipple confusion!

O L 0 likes

Have her bottle feed at home maybe... Just like for 1 feeding so he can get used to it. She's probably going to want to breast feed him as much as she can after and before work to keep her milk supply up and the bond. Maybe try a diff bottle but don't try too many too close in time. Then baby will get nipple confusion. I used avent bottles

Alice W 1 like

Try getting the avent natural brand nipples n bottles. Or any other brand that has a natural line. Its softer and more like the real nipple.

Ronald F 1 like

Ask you daughter to sleep with one of the babies blankets so it will smell like her and bring that blanket with the baby.

Kiley R 1 like

Is she pumping? Try to find a bottle that matches the size/shape of a breast - for instance, tommy tippee or avent. Put some breast milk on the outside of the bottle nipple to get him interested. Also, have her give you a tshirt of hers so he can have her smell close by

Tyaundra T 0 likes

Thanks Ladies!!!

Raye O 0 likes

Look up "paced bottle feeding". It's the best way for breast fed babies to go back and forth btwn breast and bottle. Good luck and enjoy the time together!

Lisa W 0 likes

My son still won't take my breast milk in a bottle he is 7 mths I'm a stay at home mom though When he does stay with his dad we have used the supplemental formula he will drink that out of a bottle good luck should get easier for you as he gets adjusted

Ashley L 0 likes

Ask ur daughter to get bottles with better nipples closer to the Breast tell her ur having problems...don't just do something without telling her or asking her first..ur daughter might get mad and feel ur over stepping...even tho ur just trying to make it easier for u and baby boy :)

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