First night home with my baby girl. I am exhausted and she won't sleep in her bed. Any tips on getting her to stay asleep when I put her in her bed? I need sleep!!

CiCi's M 4 likes

Oh honey. She doesn't want to be away from you. She doesn't know anything else. Take her into bed with you. That's your best chance of sleep.

Desy H 2 likes

Best chance is bringing her with you in the bed. Maybe try sleep training her around 2 months or 1 month that's what I'm doing and it's going perfect!

Baby Girls Mommy 0 likes

If you have a swing or bouncer that works for me. Just brought my LO home Sunday night. She also likes to be walked around kinda bounced in my arms and walk. Also when I walk I say shhhhh in a calm voice, and pay her butt. Or she likes car not ideal when your exhausted but maybe it might help.

Anastasia H 3 likes

Take her into bed with you its your best chance😊 especially if ur bf then you don't even have to get up you just plop out the boob feed her and go right back to sleep😊😊😊

Sarah L 0 likes

For the first few weeks my son slept in his rock n play right next to my bed. It vibrated and rocked. It was the only way I was able to get some sleep.

Tessa L 1 like

She doesn't understand yet that she's not attached to you anymore. As the other ladies said, bring her in bed with you, you will both be able to sleep! Win/win! ☺️

Perris D 0 likes

Swaddle. Are you breast feeding? Maybe have SO take a shift if you're using formula. I co slept also as long as it was safe

Morgan E 1 like

That's what we did but we co sleep anyway. Because it's easier with breast feeding. She just wants u by her side. When my daughter was first. Ken we did co sleeping at night and during the day when she napped she would be by herself but since I work at night now we take our naps together lol. So basic wet ways together lol. Give it a month before u rep trains d be sure whole cosleeping no danger exists like rolling over on baby or falling out of bed

Tiffany P 1 like

Swaddle really well and lay her in her pack n play or rock n play next to you. Maybe give her a bink. We used the rock n play and it was great. I wouldn't take her into your bed being so exhausted. Cuddle her when you're alert (which will always be a quarter of what your pre-baby alertness was) keep her by your bed. Lay with her while you're some what alert and when you feel too sleepy, lay her next to you in a co sleeper. You're going to be tired, but it's so worth it!

Melani K 0 likes

I would take her into the bed with you, the first night at home my LO didn't want to even be put down so I was up all night holding him

Tiffany P 2 likes

Taking them into bed with you is such a big risk so young. Keep air circulating in the room, make sure she isn't too warm. Give her the boob when she needs it. Invest in Netflix so you have something to do while breast feeding and have SO watch her when she doesn't need to feed so you can nap. Eat nutritious meals.

Ann S 1 like

The glove works. We have one of those and used it for a couple months.

Tiffany F 0 likes

I would swaddle my LO then lay down with her lying on my chest. Worked like a charm. Once she is good and asleep I would lay her in her bassinet which was by my bed.

Jaimee S 0 likes

Thank you ladies. I let her sleep on my chest for a little bit. Right now she's feeding. I've tried swaddling, didn't work. Nothing but sleeping near me has. I don't remember my son being like this

Tiffany F 0 likes

Don't give up on the swaddle. Sometimes they fuss at first but once they calm down it's worth it in the long run

TaylorGrace's M 1 like

Take her to bed with you! My baby girl gas always slept with us

Happy M 1 like

For the first three months, it's called the fourth trimester and if you google it, you'll find they basically want womb-like conditions. They want to be held a lot and next to mom. Sleep was easier for both baby and me with a rock n play next to my bed. If you don't have one, definitely worth getting. Tons of moms on here did the same.

Marianne M 0 likes

I tried to get my dd to sleep in her crib and we were both exhausted! I took her to bed and it's the best thing that ever happened. Moms have been sleeping with their babies since the dawn of time and it's the most natural thing. Make a safe bed (pushed against a wall, no loose blankets/pillows, etc and lo sleeps between mom and the wall- not in the middle).

Genny O 0 likes

I wouldnt put our LO in the bed with us because of SIDS. She slept in a bassinet next to our bed. Swaddling worked great. We also had a white noise app playing on an old ipod and I would put a shirt I had worn in her bassinet so she could smell me. I used the shirt as the sheet under her but made sure to secure it tightly as another SIDS precaution.

Liams M 0 likes

I wouldn't bring her into bed with you! But I would get a bassinet that's right beside your bed! That way she still feels close but not learning it's ok to sleep in bed with you because that can cause issues later on!

Brittany M 0 likes

I would say if you don't want to co sleep try swaddling. If that doesn't work try putting her in a swing if you have one.

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