What can you do to ease teething pain? And how long does it take before they cut through gums? Anyone uses the amber necklaces as a natural pain reliever? My baby will be 4 months on the 4th and he's been showing signs of teething for the last 4 days. Night time has been rough

Momma To T 1 like

Try a cool baby facecloth. There isn't much you can give a 4 year old. I wouldn't give Tylenol or Advil. I've heard great things about the amber bracelet/necklaces though :)

Momma B 1 like

My friend was telling me about those Amber necklaces and she swears by them..... She said that when my daughter starts Teething to get one. She said their also good for allergies....

Heather C 1 like

Oral gel for teething. I gave my son Infants Mortin dosage 1.25 for under 12lbs and I also let him chew on a cold teething ring but he loved the vibrating teething ring I got him and went to town on it. The vibration felt good to his gums.

Mama P 2 likes

When our baby started teething at 3 months, the only things that helped were teething pods (coconut oil & clove), teething tablets, or Infant Tylenol. Just use your judgment. If your child is a little fussy, let him tough it out or try the teething pods. If he's screaming/crying and can't sleep because of teething, go for the Tylenol. *Be sure to follow the directions on the package for teething tablets & Tylenol. These items are frowned upon because parents don't follow the instructions!

Kristen 2 likes

Oragel not recommended for babies due to possible choking! If it's real bad Tylenol, otherwise, cold wash cloths, teethers

Mallory A 1 like

My brother keeps telling me to use frozen waffles. My baby isn't teething yet so I haven't tried it. But I figured to pass along his words.

Dee S 1 like

My sister used them she put the bracelet on his ankle. I used oragel,

Brittany L 1 like

I use natural teething tablets and they seem to work.

InOver M 2 likes

Tylenol is the safest for baby its not as hard for their bodies to metabolize. As said above please don't give Oragel! Baby will swallow this which will numb their throat and may cause them to choke. They make teething liquid and tablets that are safe for baby. I always let baby chew on my pinky finger after i washed my hands. She liked it and it was the only thing that soothed her.

Emy L 1 like

I put frozen Apple, pear, breast milk, ice, etc in the kidsme food feeder and he loved it. I love that it's silicon and I can toss it in the dishwasher.

Amy H 1 like

Teething tablets, alternate between Motrin and Tylenol if it's bad, take a washcloth and get it wet. Put ice cube in the middle and wrap the rag around the ice and tie the rag with a hair tie right below the ice cubes. They all love it and it's so helpful. I also have a amber necklace for my son. He was wearing it for 5 hours and completely quit drooling, which he was soaking his entire shirt within an hour, and he quit being whiny and fussy. They are great!

Ashley H 1 like

I know this sounds weird , but the green onions (or chives) let the baby chew on it . Numbs the gums naturally

Rasha M 0 likes

Thanks everyone all your suggestions are great! I purchased a Boltic Amber necklace, will see how it goes. Also, the green onion one, it's not weird at all. My uncle used it for all his kids. I wouldn't do it though, hubby would probably throw up from the smell lol

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