How do you all deal with the dreaded MIL . Mine likes to pick up my baby and take her in a different room than us. Why can't you sit with the rest of us, crazy lady? She's our baby and there's no need to take her away from us. She also gets her nose all out of joint when baby is sleeping and she can't hold her. My babies sleep and welfare come before your stupid happiness. She talks baby talk to her all the time. Ex- "IS you happy?" It's ARE you happy. Don't be teaching her to speak like that.

Vanessa S 2 likes

I HATE baby talk. Speak proper English, it's not cute, lol. Not sure why she is taking baby into another room...follow her to see..., address it with your husband and see if he can be the mediator.

M B 1 like

I do follow her because i think it's weird and uncalled for. Lol She asked Sadie (my baby) if she was "making dirty in her panties" NO she's pooping in her diaper. Don't ever say that again.

Crystal H 1 like

Oh man. Thankfully the mother of my LO's dad is across the country so I wouldn't have to deal with that even if we were together. And my mom is amazing with my LO. But wow I would definitely talk to your husband and nip that in the butt. There's a difference between talking baby talk and talking to your baby like an idiot. Ohhing and ahhing over the baby is fine but doodie? Just say poop! Lol that would drive me up the wall too :P hang in there!

Crystal H 1 like

(Oh misread your comment about the diaper stuff. But I agree with talking normal to babies is the point I was trying to make lol. No need to sound like an idiot while talking to them and make them learn bad habits of not speaking properly)

Jen T 0 likes

I spoke normally to my daughter from day one and she speaks perfect sentences at 2.5 and I attribute that to speaking the way I want her to speak. She's well ahead of the game in that respect. It's always been a pet peeve of mine to tawlk like a baaaaaabbeeee to kids. Cooing and gaahing as infants yes. But words should be spoken correctly

Carmen O 0 likes

It's not easy. My husbands mom is wonderful . His stop mom is not and I don't see her at all anymore. But when I didn't have much of a choice. I would ignore her. Or simply tell her that she had her children and has to obey my wishes . Obviously that didn't go over well since we don't talk but hey good luck !

Heather W 0 likes

Mine does the same. Correct her right after she uses poor vocabulary. Tough love I feel works best. My mil believes she has already been a mom so that role is over. Now she's allowed to spoil and do as she pleases bc she feels that's the role of a grandma. Tell her the impact of what she is doing to your child and what challenges that creates for you. Help her understand but in turn give her options that works did you but also allows her to still be "fun grandma"

new m 0 likes

talk to your husband about how it bothers you and have him address it

Lego M 0 likes

I am not a big fan of my MIL either. I would be very clear with her and let her know that your LO is, just that, YOUR LO and their are limits. No baby talk and there is no reason to leave the room when she holds him/her....that's jut my two cents.

Dena L 0 likes

I can stand baby talk. I was told to talk to them as if they are an understanding party in the conversation. And as far as holding all the time, if she keeps that up, every time she's not around your child will expect it and will be hard to make them happy. He/she will want to be held all the time. I had to let a friend know that because she is on the floor playing does not mean you get to pick her up. She was happy where she was. If my child wants to be held she will let me know.

Heather S 1 like

What does she do when you follow her around? I would do it just to annoy her. Lol it's your child, you like to know where's she going with your LO. I lucked out, my MIL is balanced where she's involved but gives us plenty of space. We have twins so I'm all for all the help we can get. The baby talk is annoying though. I can't stand it, especially when kids are learning to talk. It's crucial to talk the way you would want them to learn.

Rita G 0 likes

My MIL can be a pain in the tukas. She's not to bad when their babies but as they get older she tends to give advice on what I should do with my children, home, husband etc. When she starts I just look at her like she's speaking another language. You know, that blank yet confused look. Not to mention she speaks broken English, so it's pretty easy for me to pretend I have no clue as to what she is saying...πŸ˜ƒ

Maryann D 0 likes

Is it get first grandchild? Because my mother is actually the one acting the same way, it's her first and she feels the "right" to pick him up and wake him up when she pleases always takes him into other rooms and stuff. I get your frustration but then again it's my mother so I don't feel bad correcting her and putting her in her place but you are the mother don't be afraid to tell her no and stand up for what you believe in fixing the issue early will yield a lot of future frustration

Kelsey R 0 likes

Oh. My. Gawd! This is exactly what mine did when we had our first(along with other stuff). It made me so uncomfortable! She's always going to annoy you, but you just have to pick your battles. No matter what, that weird/annoying woman is the Grandma your child will love. I wouldn't want my kid to feel any other way about her grandma other than warmth and love.

Annette H 0 likes

Speak your mind, its your child- its hard to do, but you have every right and no need for apologies- baby talk... I didnt do that and my daughter spoke very clear and appropriate EARLY on. Its embarrassing to have a 6 yr old who sounds like a 1 yr old :/

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