On your child's 1st birthday, what did you do? & how much did you spend? My daughter will be turning one on July 16th. & Im also looking for party ideas πŸ˜ŠπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

Danie M 2 likes

Not sure of how much was spent but for goodie bags we bought different color sand castle buckets from the dollar store and filled them with fun Summer stuff, everyone raved about them

Emma 1 like

That's my sons birthday!!! How exciting! I'm planning to throw a big birthday party but label it as "birthday party/get together" a lot of his family haven't met him yet so im hoping that will encourage them to get out and meet him! And I figured I'd add the "get together" part so his party doesn't seem so over the top. Hanging out, eat food, play games, have a sprinkler :)

Raquel B 0 likes

I'm doing a breakfast a Tiffanys theme and will probably dbl what I spent on her christening, but that's it! After the first birthday I will scale way down for all the other birthdays.

Celeste M 0 likes

I would say that I spent close to $1000.00 for my daughter's first year, however, keep in mind that baptized her that same day so it was 2 parties in one

V R 0 likes

We have a winter baby so had to do it at a restaurant. We end up spending $1500 which I think was too much.

K W 1 like

Emma turns 1 May 31. We're just having a simple bbq in our yard. About 14 family members and 10 friends. No theme, no goody bags. Just come celebrate my baby turning 1. Maybe spending $100

Mom of Boys 0 likes

It all depends on what's important to you and how many guest you have. First birthdays are famous for being the big birthdays and they really are more for the parents and the family then the child. I'm a big party planner and I decided to have a big birthday party for my first sons first birthday but I ended up spending so much money. I did a baseball theme and I bought everything baseball and bought plastic kiddie bats for all the kids and wrote their names on it, I bought him a small bounce

Jules L 0 likes

I did a boy under the sea theme for my son for his one years old party we kinda spent around $1000 which is a lot but we had food catered and we also got a lot of goodie bags from the dollar store

Mom of Boys 0 likes

House rather than renting one and that was actually worth it because we just now had to throw it away and he is 8 years old now (and it got damaged in my dads garage so it would of lasted longer). I invited lots of friends and family. We had a piΓ±ata and face painting and I think we actually might have rented a big obstacle course bounce house too. It was fun for us but he obviously doesn't remember it but we have cute pictures. Now I only did big parties every couple of years.

Priscilla A 0 likes

My son will be one next week on the 23rd my oldest son will be 11 on the 26 so I'm making one bday party in calling it the party of "ones" lol I rented a shelter at the park $18 I'll be making the cakes so it's going be about $30 I bought easter candy after easter on deep sale lol $10 I'll spend about $ 120 on food,plates and drinks we will be having hamburgers,hot dogs,chips, veges with dip and fruit salad.

KiKi B 0 likes

My baby girl's party is this sat nothing big but just the decorations and cake was $400 still have to add the food we have order don't know how much would tht be I hope I can handle all this since I'm super sick so as the baby 😰

KiKi B 0 likes

Oh also it's a mini mouse theme m

TaylorGrace's M 0 likes

We had a med siZe party the week before her birthday and a family party on her actual birthday

Jessica T 0 likes

May 15th is my guys first! We're doing sock monkey, but I only bought plates, napkins and a couple balloons with the actual monkey and just the colors of cups and other decorations. I spend under $30 for decor and lunch utensils, I'm just doing fruits and veggies for snacks since the party will be right after lunch and I'm baking single serve cakes IN baby jars. You can use food colors and do whatever you want! I'm pretty frugal! 😳

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