How soon would you take your LO on a 5 hour road trip to see family? My MIL wants me to take my LO up to her dads house that is 5 hours away after the baby is born in July. He's dying and he really wants to see my LO before he passes. It's very time sensitive. LO will be exclusively formula fed.

C M 2 likes

Go:). It'll be fun! You'll just have to be prepared to stop more to feed baby. I love travelling with mine when they're so little. :).

Jessica B 1 like

Check with the baby's dr first and he should have all his shots before he travels

Kristen R 3 likes

They are so sleepy when they are that your lo would sleep a lot of the way but stop a few times to feed and change diaper. Only go if you're feeling ok and up for it though!

Blessed M 2 likes

It's easier when they're newborns since they sleep so much but be prepared to have to stop every 1-2 hours


If it's for a dying family member I would literally go right after baby is born!!!! If it's for a vacation type of trip I would wait till lo is 3 months

Kaitlin C 2 likes

I did it at 2 months by myself. If your formula feeding that makes it even easier cause you can even feed the baby in the car seat and you only have to pull over to burb them and change them real fast and can be on your way again. It just adds a few hours into your trip. But the younger they are the easier they are to travel with. I would go and create memories before its to late for them to be created.

Everleigh's M 1 like

I take a trip to see my family who lives 2.5 hours away every month or so. & I bring my lo with me of course. It's a lot easier if you have someone with you to help cater to your baby's needs other than stopping every time you hear a cry. ! I would def have some toys or maybe a dvd your lo will fall asleep watching . But since your family member is dying, I wouldn't waste any time. & go ! Plus it's a good opportunity for other members to meet your lo who haven't yet.

Tay B 2 likes

If it's time sensitive, I would go if I were you. I took my son on a long cross-country flight so he could meet his 100 year old great great grandma. It was well worth it!

Mila's M 1 like

We were in Disneyland when my LO was 2mo! It's 8hr drive from home! She was really good. Slept a lot of the time!

Erika P 1 like

I agree with Blessed Mama all the way! Our first road trip with the baby was when she was two months. We drove to see my in laws 7hours. Had to stop every 2hrs but she slept a lot. As they get older they sometimes tire of being in the car seat and that can make things harder.

Esther H 1 like

I just recommend that you let someone else do the driving. In this case really soon after baby comes is more going to depend on you. I traveled with my newest baby at 3 weeks but I was also doing really well recovering, myself. But even then it did take it's toll a little bit. It's an important reason to go. I hope you can make it happen.

Alicia H 1 like

I'm going from my experience with my baby here, everyone told me traveling with a newborn was easier bc they are always sleeping. Yeah, not the case with my son. Even when he was only a week old he would be up for hours at a time, and at that young if someone wasn't holding him he cried his eyes out. We attempted a trip to see my great great grandma when he was 3 weeks old.... We made it about 2 hours and 17 stops later before we turned to head and stay home.

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