How safe are the adhd medications? Im so worried ughh I started my son on adderall today, im having a hard time with this 😞😔 I just want whats best for him

Anastasia M 3 likes

How old is your son? My brother suffers from it also but my mom opted not to do the drugs and found that having him work on something for 15 minutes then switch. It kept him working and he accomplished things more.

Linda C 0 likes

He turned 7 years old last month, its impossible for him to stay still in school so he doesnt get anything done :( hes in danger of failing, and its not fair because hes so capable academically, so Im trying out the meds to see if it helps...Im just worried of any side effects :-/

A V 3 likes

I have commented before on your posts about this. It is hard but it may help him so much! Just remember to pay closer attention to things and watch for any reactions. I have two kids on ADHD meds and it has helped them so much when nothing else would help. The one he is on is in and out of his system within 8 hours I think so if you see something not right then it is fine to stop giving it to him and talk to the doctor. I'm here if you need any advice or have concerns!

Aisha P 1 like

It's such a hard decision, but when they work, they really make a huge difference for kids. Good thing is they work fast - they're in and out of the system really if you don't like the effects after one dose it's gone in a few hours and you can see the doc and talk about a different approach. Also, have you tried therapies, environmental modifications, or other non medication approaches? Some can be super helpful - but some are most effective after the kids start meds.

Rayssa S 2 likes

If it were my child, I would not give the medication. Be careful, because doctors don't always want what's best for your child. They are known to treat symptoms the easy way. There are ways to control ADHD with nutrition and diet. Just do some research and read some success stories that people have had. Please know that this is just my opinion and every parent has to make the right decision for their own child :)

Jane S 2 likes

I would not give my child medications for that, you can work it out step by step while the child is still young, like problem solving strategy this is the important for them to work their brains.

Cassandra M 1 like

My 4 year old's pedi and I believe my son is ADHD, but she won't officially diagnose him till he's 5. We've already seen a HUGE improvement just by watching what he eats, especially dyes. You can always talk to your doctor about your concerns! You're awesome! Keep your head up! This parenting thing can be so difficult! Remember, there isn't a "one path fits all" decision... Ultimately you have to do what feels right for you and your son. If it doesn't feel right it probably isn't.

Nicole Z 2 likes

I've seen parents choose meds & others not. I feel that it is such a personal choice & also a family one. If u see positive changes & growth that u didn't see b4 then it probably works 4 your child. U can always ask 4 a different med if u r not happy. Also please consider based on the severity of his symptoms & age 2 request an IEP at his school. Here r some tips if you can't c a therapist at this time The best 2 u.

Shiela G 2 likes

Personally, If it was my child, I wont give medication unless the child is already hurting himself. I dont understand why here so many kids are diagnosed with adhd or bipolar?

Kris W 4 likes

Do what your mother's intuition tells you is right and don't feel pressure to give (or not give) meds by others. This is a touchy subject and many people have strong opinions for/against meds. You know your child best. Do your research and learn as much as you can about it. I was a teacher and I saw kids who benefited greatly from meds as well as kids who could manage with frequent exercise, lots of "brain breaks," and addressing various learning styles and interests. Go with your gut :)

Mandy S 1 like

I've seen a lot of kids who were, IMO, misdiagnosed with ADD and ADHD. Sometimes diet and discipline can change a lot. I dated a guy who had his son on ADHD meds, but I'm not so sure he really needed them. He ate lots of sugary crap and had next to no discipline. That being said tho, I was taking adderall before I got pregnant. I took it for narcolepsy and had no side effects at all. I'd say if you've already done all you can with diet and discipline, the meds might be good for him. Best of luck

Linda C 1 like

Thank you so much ladies! Im having a hard time cause I just want the best for him, Im torn in between making the right decision

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