How old were your babies when you put them in a toddler bed? did you wait for them to climb out? my son is 15 months.

Jenna A 1 like

At about that age I didn't wait for them to climb out 😉 when you are ready go for it! Except just know when they wake up they're out and about haha

Alyssa P 0 likes

did you take all of the toys out of the room?

Jamie Y 2 likes

My kids were between 15 and 18 months but to be honest we only did it that early because we had another baby on the way needed the crib. :) if your baby is climbing out of the crib it is time to make the transition so they don't hurt themselves. I never took toys or books out of their room. We just had a good routine- read a book together and then say our bedtime rules together. "1. Stay in bed. 2. Close your eyes 3. Be very quiet. 4. Go to sleep." Eventually they went to bed like little pros!

Alyssa P 0 likes

he hasnt climbed out yet but ive seen him try. im just worried he'll fall on his head when he trys to climb out

Kaylie S 0 likes

Mine was almost 2 when we upgraded our bed to a toddler bed. He did great! We left the toys in the room, he doesn't mess with them at bed time, he has always stayed in his bed when we tell him it's time to sleep.

Jenn S 0 likes

My son was in a toddler bed at 18 months. He is a climber and I was afraid he hurt himself. Now in a twin bed.

Chrysta P 0 likes

My little guy is a climber - 18 mo. Both my public health nurse and my Pediatrician said no more crib. So onto the toddler bed we go lol.

Katrina F 1 like

My boy switched to a toddler bed on his first birthday! He did very well with it, never got out, and he loved it!!

Karissa W 1 like

My first I moved not long past a year because we had another baby coming soon. She did well.

Carla G 1 like

It depended on the child! If they stay in their crib and under 2 leave them there. It's safe for them. But the moment they try to start climbing out I moved them to a toddler bed!

Lindsey H 0 likes

I'm terrible we never did toddler beds. We went from crib to twin size bed between 2-3 years. Luckily none of them were climbers though!

Rose L 1 like

I switch my daughter when she was 1 years old and now she 2 years old and I switching my 9 month old when she turn 1 years old

Anne D 0 likes

My son climbed out of the crib at 14 months, which my husband and I thought was way too young to switch to toddler bed! We had to take the bottom of the crib off, put the mattress on the floor then the crib back around the mattress. That stopped him from climbing out! He's 19 months old now and I think we'll be switching him to a toddler bed soon since he doesn't try to climb out anymore. Hope this helps!

Amy H 0 likes

My son climbed out at 15 months but didn't climb out again until about 22 months. We switched at 23 months.

Ashley B 0 likes

My son hasn't tried to climb out yet and he's 17 mos. I plan on leaving him in the crib as long as possible

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