How old was your LO when you left them with a babysitter other than a relative or close friend for the first time? What are going babysitter rates?

Ara R 1 like

5 months....

Lindsee B 1 like

My son is almost four and my daughter is 15 months. Ive never left them with anyone except my mom. And my mom has only had them two hours max

Bayley B 1 like

Here in Kansas, rates are $2.50 or so an hour I believe. I left my daughter with a babysitter when she was a month old and had a bad experience. When looking for a babysitter/daycare provider, you want to meet with them before you need them! You'll want to kind of get to know them a little (of course). Some will give you schedules so you know what your child is doing at what time of day. Make sure to ask if you can call and stop in AT ANY TIME just to check on your child, some discourage this.

Jessica M 2 likes

I have 3 kids (almost 3, almost 1 and 4yrs-all girls).I've babysat and been a nanny so I know both sides. I charged $10 an hr (pretty average if the sitter has experience).i haven't ever had a babysitter who wasn't a relative and my oldest has serious seperate on anxiety,so we haven't left them with anyone they don't know very well and never for more than a couple hrs! It depends on your kids. I think it's good to get away (for them as well as you) at least once a week,but that's not always easy

Jessica M 0 likes

*separation anxiety

Jessica M 1 like

Btw my 2nd daughter practically pushes me out the door! So my kids are completely different!

Tee M 0 likes

My LO is 3 months and I'm so over protective. My mom has been the only one to babysit her. I call constantly, I think I have separation anxiety. I can't imagine her going to a daycare anytime soon. Good luck with that, sorry I couldn't be of any help lol.

Erika C 1 like

My son was 5 months old, we were lucky enough to leave him with one of the girls from his daycare, and I did $12 per hour.

Elizabeth G 0 likes

My youngest was 6 weeks. I had to go back to work. Left her at daycare my other kids already went to. No problems. I was getting help from social services for daycare. So I don't know what the rate was. I stay at home mom now and she is two. Older ones are teenagers.

Aprilbaby 0 likes

$2.50 an hour?!? Craziness. Florida around $9-11 an hour which I think is more than fair.

Riley W 0 likes

I have an 18 month old a girl comes to my house for about 12 hours an I pay her $40 per day

J B 0 likes

My daughter was 10 months and sleeping, so the babysitter actually monitor sat!! We paid her $10 an hour.

Devin F 0 likes

I left my boys with relatives very young. We have only used an actual babysitter one time and it was ridiculous. We asked the parents what their daughters usually got paid and they said $15/hour PER CHILD. We were astounded by that. These were church friends, we dropped the boys at their house, and it was so we could go to a party with a bunch of other church couples for maybe 2-3 hours. So yeah...not using babysitters again unless they charge $10/hour total.

Tiffany W 0 likes

I was a nanny for 8 years and babysat on the side. Anything under 7 an hour is a slap in the face in my opinion. If the child will be asleep, and a predetermined amount for the night is decided then that's different..

Bayley B 0 likes

I guess I should have clarified. It starts at $2.50/hr per child for DAYCARE, where they have quite a few children. A babysitter I'd pay about like what everyone else is saying.

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