How old is your baby when you put him or her in their crib to sleep? I have a 3 month old and she sleeps in a moonlight rocker (like a bassinet) right next to my bed. She loves to cover her face and sleep on her side and I'm so afraid of SIDS so that's why I keep her right beside me so I can monitor her sleeping.

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You are brave! All those blankets scare me!!

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In the crib since day one . My daughter sleeps in her side too, and she also likes to cover her face . I just keep the baby monitor next to me all the time when she is in her crib so I can see and hear her. And I did roll one receiving blanket and tight it with one robber band so every times she is ready to fall sleep she just put it on her face ( or pushes her face into it) and it does the job without covering her nose , she falls sleep as soon as I hand it to her :)

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I would be worried about SIDS too. Maybe not so many blankets in her bassinet. I think you need to have a peace of mind when you sleep.

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My daughter was 7 months when I finally put her in her crib. She out grew the bassinet. She tried pulling herself up and chilled on the side of it so it had to be done. I kept her in the bassinet that long due to the fact she slept with the blanket on her face. That's her security. The blanket always has to be touching her face. It's so adorable, but also scary to wake up to her whole face covered. Some times we co sleep due to blanket situation.

Hannah T 1 like

The reason there's blankets is if I don't put them there SHE WONT SLEEP. She will constantly toss and turn and wake up every 20 mins. She gets cold easy and I guess she feels secure. Thanks for the advice ladies!

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U can always move the blankets ever so slightly when she is sleeping or make sure they aren't too thick so she can breathe through them

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We just moved our 7 week old to the crib from the same type of rocker 2 nights ago. He was getting a flat head in the rocker from always laying in the same position. Regarding your sids concern, can you use a sleep sack instead of blanket swaddle so she has nothing to cover her face with? Just be careful choosing the brand... I just posted about how much I hate our Halo sleep sacks because of the heavy duty velcro!

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My baby boy was 6 weeks old when I first put him in his cot at night, but it was still in my bedroom. He recently turned 6 months and went into his own bedroom, which was a bit harder for him! But he's getting there! X

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Have you tried swaddling?

Hannah T 1 like

Yes I've tried swaddling, she doesn't want to be swaddled, she just wants to have the blanket right on top of her/beside her.

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I also think it is too many blankets. What I do is to put the soft blanket on top of the matress so when his head feels the softness he sleeps with no need to put them on top of him.

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Yeah I would try to get the thinnest blanket ever and maybe take off the one she's laying on, or try the crib, more space for her to lay on her side, they also have those monitors that alarm if they stop breathing

Hannah T 1 like

I've wanted a monitor but I don't have the money right now but I will try all these wonderful suggestions! Thank you!

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I would try a sleep sack for warmth, and a thin breathable blanket for her comfort. We use the knitted ones that were made for us as they are full of holes.

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What's a sleep sack?

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Oh my goodness sorry to say but that is so dangerous!! Just keep trying to swaddle!! Even if her arms are left out. U get the zip ones rather than velcom which are easier. If she likes the warmth you can get the thicker ones. Look at baby's r us or on Amazon. It's not worth taking that risk with blankets. Also place her in her back to prevent her from smothering herself. My friends baby passed from this exact thing. Please reconsider 🙏

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What about if you tried the knitted blankets with the loops/holes in them so know there is room for air to pass through the blanket ?

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My hubby calls cribs prison bedding- no blankets no pillows! I'm sure all babies would love to be surrounded by soft fluffy cozy blankets. But that is simply not safe. She will get used to sleeping without the blankets. Please consider removing them and trying to get her in the crib in a swaddleme or sleep sack for her safety.

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Hannah , the way your baby is sleeping is exactly like mine. I wish I could post a picture here to show you , find one of the pillow guard for babies ( Craigslist), I have been using it for my daughter since day one till now 5/5 mo. It prevents SIDS, and also let your baby sleep on her side . I can post the picture of the pillow on my own question, don't forget to check ( just click on my name )

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I orders the breathable blanket from amazon!

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My son was put in his crib at 3 weeks

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