How often do you give your LO a bath? My LO is currently 3 months :)

Katelyn❀️ E 2 likes

Daily since she was 2 months before that just on day yes one day I wouldn't

TaylorGrace's M 1 like

Every night, age 3

Z's MOM❀️ β 1 like

Evey 3 days 2 month

Jess B 2 likes

Every night. I will only skip a day if my baby seems to exhausted for a bath and wants to go straight to sleep. She is 5 months now

Selina H 4 likes

Every 2-3 days at that age, so their skin doesn't get irritated or dries out. Ps your baby is ADORABLE!! 😍

Kaylees M 2 likes

9 months and every other night.

Kristy B 1 like

Every other day so I don't try his skin out, it's already super sensitive.

Mom O 1 like

Every night 😊 my favorite thing to do!

Tara B 1 like

Every 2-3 days.

Chelsea 1 like

2 months, and every other day because I have sensitive skin and in worried she does to. But she loves it so much I want to try every day. 😊

Ruth A 2 likes

At 3 months it was every other day but now at 7.5 months it's every night as part of his night routine:)

Kathryn J 1 like

Every other day, and when needed! My LO has greasy hair for some reason...and a lot of it, for that matter!

Angie C 1 like

Mine is 9 months now and since about a month and half it has been every other night. She has sensitive skin and we have to use Aveno. Bathing too often can dry their skin out at that age is what my dr told me.

Momma C 1 like

My boys are 5,3 and almost 1. They need a bath every night when it's warm out... We do every other in the winter. At 3 months though... I'd do 2-3 days in between baths. Too much will dry out a new baby's skin

Ashley C 2 likes

My baby is 10.5 months and we do every 2-3 nights. Once he is walking and playing outside a lot it'll probably be every night

Carol M 2 likes

Same as ^@ruth

Lisa M 2 likes

Every night, its part of his routine

Isabella M 1 like

Every other night. 11 months. Has been this way since birth 😊

Cara F 1 like

Every other day! Mine is 12 mo and we still do it that way.

Sarah S 1 like

3 weeks old, every night before bedtime. It's part of our routine and he is starting to understand that after his bath it is time for bed. Routine is a necessity!!!

Paige B 1 like

Every day in the summer and every other day/every three days in the winter. When my one year old was younger I gave her a bath every day until she was 5 months because she had acid reflux and was spitting up all the time. The doc said to watch for her skin drying out but I always put coconut oil on her post-bath and she never had dry skin.

Melissa : 1 like

Every night ☺️ Best way to end his day! He loves it and knows it's light out right after his massage (applying lotion) πŸ˜‰

Samantha 1 like

6mo every night with exception every now and then!

MJ's M 1 like

Every single night since he was 2 mo. I use soap and shampoo everyday too followed by baby lotion. My baby's never had a diaper rash or any other skin issues.

Kim S 1 like

My son is 2 months and I give him a bath every night since he's been born. Sometimes I do it twice a day once in the morning once at night. I put lotion on him usually every other day (when he cooperates) and he never gets dry skin.

Mel Marie 1 like

Like 4 times a week turning into every 2 days then every other day. 7 months. (Or if he gets dirty or throws up) I'm a firm believer that they don't need baths daily cuz their skin dries out.

A V 1 like

9 months and every other night because my daughter gets drier than a popcorn fart. It's really dry where we live

Saleen L 1 like

I do it every other day :) or if we go out that day. But mostly every other day, and my baby is 10 months

K.C. R 1 like

My child just turned 2. He gets a bath everyday, sometimes 2.

Heather H 1 like

2.5 months. We do it every night for her night time routine. Bath, feed then bed:)

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