How often do you bathe your LO? Dr told me every 2 days no more than 3 times a week bc it dries their skin but I feel like he gets so dirty (& I have no clue how lol he's not mobile yet) but he's 3 months if that makes a difference.

Ashley B 1 like

I just started bathing my 3mo old every other day, I have to because he gets very dirty, he has reflux so he's constantly spitting up and he has blowouts because he's between diaper sizes right now... But I heard you should only bathe them 3 times a week😫

Jordan C 4 likes

We've always bathed our LO every night as part of her bedtime routine. She's never had an issue with it drying out her skin but we use Aveeno for sensitive skin.

Katelyn❤️ E 2 likes

I do it every day

Lucky M 2 likes

From 2 weeks old we have given our now almost 4 month old a bath almost every single night

Lela M 2 likes

Every night

Mellissa B 1 like

I bathe mine (20 months and 3 yrs) every other day, unless they are outside or get dirty from dinner.

Jilly M 1 like

My LO is 4 months but since birth I have only done it every other day. After the bath I massage her whole body with lotion and play her favorite song and I also do that even on the nights that we don't give her a bath to keep the routine and it works great every night she sleeps all night and pretty much always has

Danie M 1 like

2 times a week

Brianna f 1 like

I have been bringing lo in with me since she was 3 mo. She loves it and her skin has been perfectly fine!

Beth 1 like

We bathe our lo every night we also use Aveeno and have had no problems

Mommy O 1 like

I bathe my 4 month old almost every day if not every other day. She throws up a lot and always smells like her formula.

Stephanie 1 like

I did every other day bc he smelled I felt like . He spit up a lot so he needed it .

Shailyn W 1 like

We bath our son every night because it's part of his nighttime routine and he enjoys it! We put lotion on him after and his skin hasn't dried out! He's 9 weeks!

Mommy To T 1 like

Just don't use soap every night, you can put them in the water to rinse them off ever night.

Ashley R 1 like

Daily, lotion each night and soap every other night. We've always felt they needed a good rinse at the end of the day, even more so now that they're toddlers. We've never experienced issues with dry skin.

Out N 1 like

In the cold months mine are every 3rd day so about 2 times a week. In the hotter months everyday because they get all sweaty

girlmom x 1 like

My DD only gets bathed once a week unless she goes in the pool then it's more. If you start noticing skin drying out try a no rinse wash or a sponge bath☺️ she's 3 months

Brittany M 1 like

At 3 months I started doing every other day, my son is 8 months and we still do every other day.

Andrew's M 1 like

My LO hates baths. Wish I could get him to not scream every time I put him in the tub

Shqipe ( 1 like

i used to every other day my son was born in November so if it was to cold i washed him 2 days no & one day yes .. n omg my son's clothes i used to wash twice a week i felt as his running out of clothes lol

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