How much would you pay a babysitter for 3 hours to watch the baby at my house, plus baby takes about an hour long nap during those hours.

Ciara B 2 likes

$30 šŸ˜Š

Sofie D 0 likes

How old is the sitter?!

Stacy S 1 like

It should not matter if the baby is wake or asleep.

Nata C 0 likes

Around 24-26 yo

Erin A 0 likes

We pay 10 an hour

Kayla B 0 likes

No more than $30.

Lauren W 0 likes

I think going rate is $10/hr!!

Susan E 0 likes

I think $20/hr is very reasonable.

Krystal W 0 likes

I can honestly say that I watch a little boy at my house and I only get $3.50 an hour and I work at a daycare and I don't even make $11 an hour, however I also think it all depends on where you live as well as to what is a reasonable price (example I would think in bigger cities you would pay more an hour)

Sweetest M 0 likes

$30 ;)

Linsi M 0 likes

$30-40 seems reasonable

Nata C 0 likes

$20 an hour is twice as much as I make an hour šŸ˜ƒ Thank you, ladies

Kristin C 1 like

I heard going rate is $7-10 / hour plus an extra $3/ hour for each additional child.

Sofie D 0 likes

I worked as a nanny for seven years, I would not take anything less then $15 And it doesn't matter baby is asleep or not.

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