How much water were you told to drink while pregnant? And how much did you actually drink?

Marina 1 like

I don't remember if they told me a certain amount, but I always drank 80-100oz/day (and still do lol, and i’m 133lbs). During pregnancy i was bw 130-170).

MamaWright3 W 1 like

2 liters while pregnant 3 while breastfeeding. I made sure to drink that amount

Jessica D 0 likes

Not, I just drank water all day long.

Nata C 1 like

I was told until your pee is no longer yellow. I drank about 2-3 liters a day

Cali^Mom F 1 like

Was never given a specific amount but general guidelines say 1/2 your body weight in ounces. So, for example, if you weigh 170 lbs you should drink 85 oz water daily.

Naughty B 1 like

Water tastes very bad during Pregnancy. I managed to drink ice water about 6-8 glasses a day.

Out N 0 likes

Drink till thurst is satisfied

Hayley W 0 likes

They told me 6-8 bottles of water and I've only been drinking water at home and some tea. I'd say I think about 2 in the morning and 2-3 threw out the day and bring 2 to bed with me. Haven't had any pop in 3 months lol.

Nancy D 0 likes

I've never been told anything 🤔 but I know better to drink my water

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