How much did your baby's weigh at 5 months? My son will be 5 months on the 18th and he weighs 15lbs 12oz and my mother in law won't let it go she ALWAYS says how big he is and how he weighs to much!!!! OMFG I'm sooooo annoyed!!!! His dr said the average 5 month old should be around 16lbs for a boy. I'm sooo frustrated! Should I say something ?

Ashley L 2 likes

Ummm, yeah, my 3 month old weighs 15 pounds. He's also 27 inches though

Adrianna F 1 like

There is no such thing as an obese baby babies grow at different speeds some babies grow more than others or longer than others.she shouldn't worry about how big or small your baby is.

Danie M 1 like

My son at 10 weeks old weighed 17 lbs, your lo is definitely not over weight

Diane A 1 like

Lmao ya mine was that at 4 months

Diane A 1 like

Tell her babies range these days.

Ashleigh 1 like

My son is 9months and weighs 16pounds. All babes are different

Becky B 1 like

Your baby weight is perfectly normal. My son is 5 Mo and his weight is 17 pound. His pediatric says that is weight is perfect! Don't worry your mother in law is completly off on that!!

Millie B 1 like

My son was 15.3lbs at 5 months and he was only in the 37th percentile

Kelsey M 2 likes

My son just had his 2 month check up today and was 14 lbs haha nothing wrong with a growing baby! I'd only care about what your doctor says, not your mother-in-law

Erin T 1 like

Lol!! Omg my 3.5 month old weighs more! He's 16.5 lbs and I've been told that he needs to gain weight!!!

Tori W 1 like

Yeah my 2 month old weighs 15 lbs!!

Kayla B 1 like

When my little one was that age he was almost 17 pounds! He's a healthy growing baby boy! Don't let what anyone tell you he's over weight. If hid doctor says he's healthy that's all that matters

Danie M 1 like

Invite her to come to his next appointment and let the dr tell her he's at a good weight

Anna C 1 like

Take your mother in law to the next dr. Appointment. And yes I would say something to her. I am sure she is not meaning to anoy you.

K C 0 likes

My 4 and 1/2 month old is 15 pounds :)

Lou-Anne M 1 like

At my daughter's 3 month visit she weighed 16lbs and was 25 inches.

Jami S 1 like

I would tell your mother-in-law to mind her own business.

Kaetlynn B 1 like

20 lbs at 4 months.

Maddie 0 likes

My son is 5 months and he weighs 15 lbs!

Mama D 0 likes

My son was 15 lbs 6 oz at 5 months. Just don't listen to her . All babies are different and gain weight differently. He's not overweight at all. My friend had a baby who is 4 months and he's already at 17 lbs. try not to let what she's saying bother you and maybe even pull up statistics to show her that your baby is at "normal" weight

Catherine L 0 likes

My 5 month old girl weighs about 13. All babies different . As long as she is going up on her curve , it's fine.

Jessie A 0 likes

My 5 month old is 12 pounds and 15 ounces.

Allison H 0 likes

Carson will be 5 months on the 17th and only weighs 15lbs 1oz. In the 25-30th percentile Download the Growth app

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