How much did you spend on your lo's first birthday party? My husband thinks I'm being crazy but I feel like I'm being very reasonable. lol

Evie 2 likes

I'm not planning on spending more than 500.

Jacenda β 1 like

Oh lord I'm not to that point yet, but I'm already afraid of what the bill will be.

Mama Of M*** and A*** 1 like

As much as its necessarily, I cant find a place even for mid of June .. all I wanted is booked:( But I think around 1500-2000$

Jules M 2 likes

We are having my LO 1st BDAY this Sat. I haven't gone to Costco yet but it will be around $1500. We rented a bouncy house for all my friends kids that are older. It's also my best friends BDAY so that's where the costs come in cuz of booze. (No judgement please, my friends are mature drinkers) We also are in a new house so it's kind of a house warming as well!

Ty L 2 likes

I spent $900 on my sons first birthday. But that included a candy table, chicken, spaghetti, pizza, salad, drinks, banquet hall, cake, decorations, and live entertainment by Sesame Street characters.

sahar W 1 like

I havent started planning mine yet --- my niece is turning 3.... And they r around $3500

SquishyMommy1 2 likes

We don't do birthday parties. So besides gifts we spent $0

Kristen G 7 likes

Holy smokes some of these answers. I'm hoping to spend a couple hundred. He's not going to remember this anyway. Lol. Doing a cookout and using Pinterest to decorate:)

Crystal Q 1 like

Between the gift & party (renting a spot, cake, other food, drinks, decor - a lot of which was DIY) we spent around $500 on my sons 1st birthday. We're planning his 2nd now & doing a huge meet the family/reunion backyard BBQ for it & are looking at $500-1000 being spent.

Arianna M 3 likes

I am just in the beginnings of planning. I can't imagine it should cost that much!! I'm just think food and decorations! I must be missing something!

Mommy M 1 like

We spent $1300 venue, food ,party favors ,decorations,outfit ,face painting all included. And it was gathering of 70 people kids and adults.

K M 1 like

We only spent 1500$ on her first party, kept it small, it has went up 1000$ each year since 😁

Julia : 1 like

I'm not going all out or anything. We're having a cookout with family and friends. I'll get her something super cute to wear and maybe a few decorations but it's going to be in our backyard. I'm not renting out somewhere for a one year old. I would rather it be a little bit lower key so she doesn't get so overwhelmed.

Jules M 3 likes

Arianna you are not missing anything. I don't think the dollar amount matters. Each family has a different financial situation and expectations. Yes a 1 year old will not remember it's more for the adults. You should only do what you are financially comfortable doing. We are having 2 birthdays so that's why my cost is high. There is nothing wrong with simple. Less can be more in a lot of situations!

Teddy P 1 like

$250 max, no need to spend that much money on a party they won't even remember

Terri G 1 like

We just did finger foods and cupcakes and we did it in the middle of the afternoon. We spent maybe $150. And his gift was an extra $120. I think the people that are spending in the thousands is outrageous.

Ty L 1 like

I do feel like it was more for the entertainment of the other children because my son really couldn't get down because he was so small....but that $900 also made sure 65 guest were full and entertained. Would I do it for my second child??? Absolutely not. But as parents we learn as we go.

Mariah N 0 likes

We spent maybe 150$ at hobby lobby for decorations. We also made some home made decorations with stuff we already had. Then maybe 100$ at Walmart to make our own cupcakes and get a meat and cheese tray and a smash cake for him. 25$ for an outfit. My MIL also bought stuff for pasta salad, punch, and chips so all around about 400$. I love doing epic parties! Oh and 25$ for a birthday chalkboard sign haha.

Mariah N 0 likes

@squishymommy1 how come you don't do parties?

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