How much did y'all spend on ur little ones first Christmas ? I want to spoil as its his first but I don't want to spoil him at the same time... 100? 200? 300? He will be 8 months old

Mommy O 2 likes

For my three kids we are spending 200 on each kid. They will be 3,2, and 9 months.

Nikki D 2 likes

I've already spent about $300, no where near done either. My hubby is gonna be pissed πŸ˜‘ but Idc. LO will be 7mos for Christmas.

Amelia β 2 likes

About 200 for my 11 month old last year!

Nilza D 1 like

My daughter will be 9 months and the fact that she will be more entertained and happy with the wrapping paper. Im only going to get 5-6 toys. I wanted to spoil her but honestly she will play with the paper more then her toys. I rather wait till next christmas where she will play more with her toys then the paper.

Alicia H 2 likes

My husband and I agreed on 250 because his toy box alone is 50. My son will be turning 9 months a few days after Christmas!

Nancy W 2 likes

We usually spend the same amount on all kids I think it's fair, for baby last year he was 4 months so we got him a few toys and mostly clothes. This year I think he'll get to open up presents so it'll be fun. The bigger hey get the harder it is to get them presents

Mallorie M 2 likes

I spent about $300 just on his new stroller and probably another $350 on clothes and toys he was only 5 months lol

Traci T 5 likes

Remember baby will likely get bored after opening a few gifts not to mention he'll be upset that you keep making him rip paper instead of a Playing with cool new toys how about spending some of the budget on a nice gift date for you and so

WorkingMom D 2 likes

Not too worry bout the lil one, cuz she wont know the difference, its my 11yr old that wants a gadget nd his own phone, that i need to decide what to get, my 6 yrs old only wants books. The rest is covered by my mom cuz shes their Santa Clause.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸŽ…πŸ½πŸŽ…πŸ½

Shannon S 2 likes

My daughter was 5 months for Christmas last year and she was spoiled rotten lol. I think between both kids last year (even though my husband and I only had my ei income last year) we spent about $300 each. Of course the gifts were divided between us and Santa. This year I'm not sure. I do have to start my shopping this month. I hope to be able to spend about $250-300 again between now and Christmas. That way it's spaced out and I can avoid falling behind on my bills.

Krystal 3 likes

Wow that's a lot to spend! I would not spend over 100 on my kids. I have a 5 year old and 1 year old. I will probably spend 50 on each. They get plenty of gifts from other relatives as well.

Mrs. H 2 likes

My LOs bday is Dec 17 so I'm still contemplating on how much to spend on each- bday & Christmas. Hmm.

Lisa W 2 likes

For the first Christmas I didn't buy mine much. They will get to the age they want more and more. I maybe spent 50$ They are always more interested in the boxes anyways.

Sheila B 2 likes

Because my daughter was (and still kind of is) still little, I don't bother much on expensive toys. Even tho she's not the first grandchild for my mom or my MIL, she's the one they see the most and see during the holidays so they spoil her with presents for us. I mostly buy her stuff to open Christmas morning since we open presents Christmas Eve with my mom and visit my MIL Christmas Day

Sabrina W 2 likes

My daughter is going to be 1 year on Christmas. It's her birthday and Christmas. So we're probably gonna hit just about $800

Sabrina W 2 likes

It's mostly clothes though. For the whole entire next year. And big stuff like the little red and yellow cars that every LO has lol! And learning toys. We also decided on a DVD player with educational DVDs

Caitlin V 2 likes

I spent 50 on toys and 50 on essentials that I just wrapped. He liked the toys but he liked just ripping up wrapping paper a lot too. Our budget is really tight and between the two kids, we couldn't spend more than 200. We may spend more this year but we may also just take the money and go do something cool instead. Like our town has old trains you can ride and we may do that and a small gift.

RaisingmyworldX2 1 like

I only spent 10$ last year as we didn't have much money... My son was 9 months at that time. We were thankful for just having our family. I wanted to spoil him but just the one gift meant a lot.

Lizabella β 1 like

About 200 I believe

Elizabeth A 2 likes

I didn't get my son anything bc we have a big family so he was going to get tons of gifts and he did. We are going to get one thing for his birthday this year and Christmas

Bridget A 2 likes

Lo's birthday is 12/19 and last year (when he turned 1), we spent around $200-$250 total for birthday and Christmas and he got a ton of stuff from grandparents. We are going to Disney in February so that will be part of his Christmas present this year.

BoyMom 3 likes

We didn't go off of cost, we did "something you want, something you need, something you wear, something you read" and the. Filled his stocking with age appropriate snacks, socks, teething toys, etc

Sam R 4 likes

Wow on my sons first Christmas I just bought him a bear 😐

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